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A couple weeks ago on a warm summer evening, me and hubby went for a walk with just our little krew and hubby took some photos of us… These are going to be framed in my house for sure. They are such special photos to me, and I am so grateful I got the chance to have some baby wearing photos like this as baby wearing is a huge part of how I parent. I will miss baby wearing so much when these days are over and he gets too big!

I recently got a Beluga Baby wrap in the mail, and honestly… I couldn’t even believe the quality when I received it in the mail. The first thing I thought was how did I ever parent without this wrap?! I have tried a few different wraps out before as I have been a mama of 3 little ones, I have tried a few.. Nothing even remotely compares to the stretch in this wrap, the softness, the width and the length. It honestly feels like I am wearing krew in my shirt. If you haven’t already…. run, don’t walk to pick yourself up one of these wraps. It is 100% a newborn essential… But the best part? I cant speak for all wraps as we have tried a few that are claim they will hold up to a certain weight limit but my babies felt like they were going to fall out but…. The beluga baby wrap will hold your little’s up to around 9 months and 25 pounds COMFORTABLY. I can vouch already, Krew is 17lbs and I know I have a long ways to go in this wrap! He has a wonderful little “Seat” I can always get him close enough to kiss and he is beyond content.. and usually falls asleep!

Here are some of the shots my hubby got of us in the sunset, and HERE is where you can go and grab your wrap!!!


if you have any questions at all about this wrap, i would be happy to answer any you have! xoxo, b



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