So, definitely not the most glamorous thing to talk about… But it is life and important time for your body to heal. Post baby – The “high” you get after you deliver a baby, there is nothing quite like it… you are literally on cloud nine and life could not be any better at that moment. Until…. about a few hours later when your whole body is sore and you are extremely swollen. This will be my third time postpartum, My second was not what so ever relaxing – and it was quite hard on my body walking back and forth to the hospital a few times a day to see my girl.. So i am going to soak it up this time as much as possible and really enjoy those newborn days…

SO, here is my list!

Nursing bra – This is huge… if your planning on breastfeeding, your chest is going to be sore. The best thing you can do is invest in a good nursing bra! I just picked up this Bravado Nursing Bra – I’m wearing it already… It doesn’t even feel like im wearing a bra but i have all the support i need! It is amazing! I wanted to try out my options first, but i think i’m already going to be going back to purchase a second!

Granny Panties – Yup! The biggest underwear you can find! I actually purchased a pair of underwear from the $ store one time because they were huge and a spandex material and they are literally my favorite underwear for postpartum – I wish i could find more of them! Anything big and soft. and DO NOT mock those hospital mesh undies.. best thing ever!!

Nursing Pads – I didn’t wear nursing pads forever, but for the first few weeks atleast they are a must. You leak everywhere, you will even soak the bed.

Perineal Bottle – This little bottle is the best invention ever, so if your birthing at home.. make sure you ask your midwife for one! Or if you are birthing at the hospital.. take it!

Sitz Bath Tea – Okay, so i have yet to get my hands on this – But we swear by anything bebedeluxe in this house hold, it has changed our lives! I cannot bath without it, neither can my husband or our children. K had extremely bad ecxema until we got bebe de luxe in our house! I have heard the most amazing things about this postpartum bath tea – I hope it comes in stock and i can get some before this babe makes his arrival! (Okay, well… I hope he doesn’t wait for the tea to come in stock, because im ready!) It is supposed to ease pains and support healing postpartum.

Busy Boxes for siblings – If this isn’t your first child, for us this is our 3rd – I am going to feel some major mom guilt as we are going to be spending the first 7-10 days at home without going out ( This has what my midwife has suggested to let my body heal and this is our plan! ) So, I’m working on putting together some busy boxes together for the girls, things they can do laying in bed beside me or on the couch ect!

Big Water Bottle – You have no idea how much water you consume while breastfeeding. I was always thirsty! I picked up a swell water bottle and plan to have it full next to my bed at all times!

Lounge Wear – Ok, I’m a mom of two already, my pj drawer / lazy clothes is about twice the size of my “nice clothes” so this for me is already life! But go get yourself some cozy new jammies to make yourself feel good postpartum!

Freezer Meals – I have been making sure we have been cooking lots so i can throw whatever leftovers we have into the freezer – Cooking after having a newborn isn’t an easy task and my husband will be working lots still so this will be a lifesaver!

Netflix – Some of the most relaxing days are binge watching a new series or an old one on netflix!

Soft Wrap ( Solly Wrap ) – My best friend lent me her solly wrap for this babe, and i can already tell this is going to be a huge staple in our every day life! Having the girls and needing my hands free as much as possible, i cannot wait to use this wrap! It is like wearing a t-shirt. It is so soft and cozy!

xoxo, b







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