Hi my lovelies!

So, i have my hospital packed and ready to go now just incase babe comes before 37 weeks or i decide to have a hospital birth! Packing a hospital bag is such an exciting time.. things are seriously right around the corner! Having M at 34 weeks – and having some signs of labor already, i thought it would be good to be prepared and have everything ready to go incase we do go into labor early! Just a few more days and I will be 37 weeks – and would love if he held out until then at least but I’m definitely ready to meet him and not be in pain anymore!

So, I packed baby his own separate bag and his things are much cuter then mine so ill start with those, i know that usually baby ends up being naked the whole time.. so i likely over packed but mamas gotta have options! I packed them all in my Lassig diaper bag which i definitely recommend – It isn’t too big but the space and compartments inside are amazing! Its black so it will work well with all of his grey/neutral outfits… as you will see there is a few!

For Myself – I packed everything in my Getaway Bag – From Stella&Dot. This bag was the best investment ever, and i use it for everything! It fits everything and more, I can’t brag about it enough!

  • Robe
  • Pads, Breast Pads
  • Flip Flops for the shower
  • A pair of slippers ( I didn’t buy new as the hospital floors gross me out I will likely throw them away after.
  • A pair of Pjs
  • Coming Home Outfit ( I just chose my Lulu-lemons as they are super forgiving and stretchy, along with a nursing friendly shirt and a Cross over cardigan to cover the after baby belly.
  • Water Bottle, Gum, Lip Chap, Hair Elastics, Thieves Toothpaste, My own shampoo & Conditioner, Hand Lotion, Hair Brush.
  • Make-up bag ( I will add this once we are in labor!)
  • Nursing Pillow – OK this is probably #1 on my to bring list. You are so sore after giving birth this is a must have!

We also have babes car seat, obviously… and my camera, and phone chargers ect ready to go when he decides to come! Most of these items i know i will not use, but its best to be prepared for anything so I packed a lot.
If there is anything else you recommend, let me know… I would love to hear! 

xoxo, b



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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada theblushmom@gmail.com

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