36 weeks!

Hi my lovelies!

Eeeek, We are 36 weeks already! That means one more week until we are in the “safe zone” and full term so they say! It is crazy to me, Maisie was already 2 weeks old by this point and I already had my baby in my arms! I have had no signs of labor yet expect for baby dropping (The past week difference is crazy, he is SO low!) and a lot of “lightening” which consists of loveeeeely sharp shooting pains! Oh the greatest. I officially cannot sleep…. at all. I totally have insomnia! It doesn’t help my girls are up a few times a night since we got home from the UK. I just cannot get comfortable, I feel huge!


I think our plans have changed a little bit, I had my last ultrasound 3 weeks ago but baby was totally healthy still, and already 5lbs! I have always wanted to do a homebirth, and my midwife says we are completely in the clear for a homebirth…. My mom lives in the UK and has always wanted to attend one of my births but hasn’t been able to living across the world.. So, if we had a home birth we could face-time her during my L&D – Also might sound completely nuts, but our oldest kyn really wants to see her baby brother be born… I have prepared her in every which way possible in case she could be in the room.. We will kind of play that one by year depending on the time ect! But I think she definitely understands and it would be quite something for her to see! So as long as I hit 37 weeks and there is no complications in the near future we will be having baby boy at home!


I have now gained 22lbs… Gah, I hate stepping on the scale! I know I’m growing a baby and I feel pretty good for being 36 weeks but every time I get off the scale, I have a mini melt down and feel awful and say I am not eating anymore ice cream ect, for the rest of my pregnancy… that lasts about a day and I’m okay with ice cream again hehe! I know I will loose it afterwards… with both of the girls, it fell off with breastfeeding and light exercise so I am not too worried!

I never got maternity photos this time around with being away in the uk and life just being so busy I never got around to it, and now that I am 36 weeks… I definitely don’t think I would end up loving the photos regardless, so I decided to skip them this time and just get hubby to take a few… I have documented my whole pregnancy via instagram so I am definitely not lacking in photos of my belly! Once baby boy is here, we have some lifestyle newborn photography planned… I just want something easy, calm, in our own surroundings. I was so up tight with the girls and felt they had to be perfect and got so stressed when they wouldn’t fall asleep during their newborn sessions… So I think pictures of the 5 of us laying in my bed, rocking baby to sleep in our daily routine is going to be the best this time! Plus, then they are more natural and just real! So here are the photos I got hubby to take of us….

I don’t remember my belly button ever sticking out with the girls this much, its so strange to see in these photos! I have never had “that belly”!

xoxo, b



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