33 weeks pregnant update!

Hi lovelies!

Eeeek, I Cannot even believe we are already at 33 weeks pregnant and I am writing this post! It has gone by so fast… Looking back at my last pregnancy, I gave birth at 34 weeks.. That is a week away from where I am now! Seems unreal! We just got back from the UK and I have my 33 week check up with my midwife tomorrow! I just had my 33 week ultrasound on Friday to make sure baby is still looking healthy and none of the same problems have reoccurred that did with little miss M. I haven’t heard from my midwife, but that is usually a really good sign! If something was wrong, my ultrasound tech said I would have a phone call by the end of that day!

Baby boy is around 5lbs at 33 weeks, his little feet where measuring just about 7cms long… He is so cute. I was feeling so patient this pregnancy, I am in NO rush.. I definitely have my hands full with my two crazies already hehe! But once I saw his little squish nose and chubby cheeks, I got all the feels and am getting SO excited to meet this little man! I made our ultrasound check to make sure he is still a boy… for the 3rd time.. He is still a boy haha! I never thought we would have a boy after having two kids so I am still a bit in shock! Our ultrasound tech was amazing and showed me his ten little fingers, ten little toes.. Which position he is in ect! He is head down but he has been since about 28 weeks pregnant. He is laying on his side so his back is on my left side, his little bum is up in my left ribs, and his feet are tucked up in my right ribs, his arms are all bundled up by his face!


We are aiming for a hospital birth, although I have always wanted a home birth.. I just don’t feel as comfortable with it now considering my past track record. I also think having him at the hospital will be a HUGE deal for the girls to come and meet their baby brother! It just makes it feel so special and real going into labour and making our way to the hospital! We are just going to have me and hubby in the room.. and he is going to have two cameras in hand! I really want him to record this birth as it is our last baby and him to get some pictures for our birth blog post! My mom lives in the UK, and if somehow she is here when I am in labor, she will definitely be in the room with us also… But if not, It will just be the two of us… makes it more special time between the both of us. Levi was unable to attend my last birth as I got air flown 4 hours away to give birth, and we weren’t allowed to bring our oldest on the plane with us. He was SO amazing during my first L&D… he is all I need!

I have gained 16lbs so far, I only gained 3 over our whole 3 week vacay which I am pretty proud of since I ate… so much… chocolate! but my kids keep me moving! I am going to start really working on babies room now that we are home, Hubby has to build a few things for his room and then just finishing décor things and I will then share his room on the blog! We still have lots of little knick knacks to buy for him which I am planning on finishing in the next couple weeks before I hit the 37 week mark! We are also planning on buying the girls a gift each to congratulate them on becoming big sisters, and let them pick out something to bring him to the hospital also! My midwife suggested whoever is watching them, to help them bake a cake to celebrate his arrival! I thought this was a super cute idea!

We have picked out a name for little man, but we don’t like to officially name a baby until we see it, so we aren’t telling anyone until he is here incase we change our mind… plus its nice to leave some surprises!

Make sure you are following me over on my instagram for updates on pregnancy and baby as we get closer to labor! @theblushmom

xoxo, b




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