Traveling Alone with two kids!

Hi lovelies!

We are finally home from our visit to the uk, visiting our family… I am so sad for it to be over, I feel so incomplete since being home but the jet lag is killing me so that likely isn’t helping! I flew back with the girls alone at 33 weeks pregnant, insane right? Hubby had to come back early for work so me and the girls stayed. I have to say, its definitely something I hope I never have to do again! But we made it through… We did it!

One of my first blog posts a year ago was on traveling and what we brought with us. I Thought I would do an updated version although its quite similar! Traveling with kids can be easy if you have the right tools! Other then the things we brought with us, I definitely recommend checking in online 24 hours before and reserving which seats you want. I always put us somewhat close to a bathroom, as with kids you have to go very often. I also make sure we are sitting by a window and now the middle aisle, then I can make sure I am sitting on the end and the kids are out of the way from others and have to get by me to leave our seats. Make sure they are wearing easy slip on and off shoes, so there is no hassle! We love our native shoes for that, but since its winter we wore some slip on shoes from h&m! When booking your flight, take into consideration the time.. flying at night time with kids is always easier!

Clek,Travel Cart, Wee Lee Bag // Okay, First and Foremost…. The best purchase I ever made was a Wee Lee cart for our car seat. You can attach your car seat to it, and wheel the car seat all the way on the plane. The wee lee cart is small enough to fit in your over head. Best invention EVER. This is a huge life saver. My youngest who is 3 – Never wants to walk, after 5 seconds “Mama im tired” and I have to carry her everywhere. This saved me huge when flying back by myself to have her strapped in her car seat the whole time and wheel her through security, luggage ect! We use our Clek Foonf or Fllo with it! Only car seats ill ever use! Another Must have if you don’t want to bring you carseat on the plane with you, or you can’t bring both on… is the wee lee bag! We have two carseats and it would be kind of tricky to bring them both on with only me flying, so we put the other one in the clek wee lee bag and checked it in.. They are SO rough with your luggage, they literally throw it around and it is so damaging to your carseat and not safe to use after if you do not store right! The clek wee lee bag is extremely padded, compact with wheels and definitely worth the money!

Stella & Dot Getaway bag // This bag is huge, it can fit my kids in it… literally. This is the only bag I use as a carry on! Super stylish, So big and can fit everything! We had our headphones, 2 blankets, change of clothes for both kids, toys, colouring, books, snacks and so much more.. It all fit no problem! It is the only bag I use for a carry on for all of us! The girls brought little bags with them on the way back with stuff filled from my mom but usually I just bring the one bag… as lets be real, you end up carrying everything your kids decide to bring!

Ipad // all the international flights we fly with ( Usually Air Transat as they are very inexpensive) do not have Wi-Fi, but they have screens in front of your seat so there is always movies to watch on the plane. We still bring our iPad loaded with a couple of their favourite movies, lots of games.. colouring games, learning, princesses! It helps time pass a little faster!

Snacks, Snacks and more Snacks // K seriously you cannot have enough snacks with kids.. We all know snacks are the one thing that keeps our kids quiet. You aren’t allowed to bring any fluids through security, but we bring them each an empty Sippy cup/ water bottle. When we are through to our gate we purchase a big thing of water, and juice and fill their Sippy cups right up! It also helps for when they are serving liquids on the plane, I always ask them to fill up their Sippy cups instead of those little plastic cups you drink through in 5 seconds.

Toys, Colouring, Headphones // I always go to the dollar store prior to flying, and buy little new toys that we don’t care to much about but keep them occupied. Shopkins are a great hit for my kids! They are small and great for carry on luggage! I also buy them each a colouring book, note book and crayons for the plane.. They love to colour (As do I). Make sure you bring them their own headphones for the plane, I find the over ear ones work best! They have some super cute ones at the airport, but they are about triple the price so make sure you buy these before hand!

Lollipops // We use the Vitamin C ones so they aren’t packed with sugar, but ears popping with landing is the worst for kids. Hard candies freak me out but depending on the age of your kids they may be ok!

Hope this post helps you in some way with your future travels with kids!

xoxo, b






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