Shared Bedroom!

Hi my lovelies!

So, We live in a pretty small 3 bed rancher.. So, we decided to let the girls share a room. We thought this would work best so that baby boy could have a bedroom! We moved them both into K’s room which is the smallest room in the house, but it worked best for what we wanted.

We decided to build them this little house bunk bed, as it is little material, and I love how open it is. I think if we choose any other bunk bed, it would have made it feel a lot more cluttered and closed off. Also, love the fact that we can add a curtain up top for the girls to have a little tent!

I have had plans for about the past two years to add a chandelier to their room, but have never got around to it. So, there are still a few things I want to do, but if I waited for that… this blog post would never ever happen!



Bunk BedDIY plans here!
Bed Rail – Munchkin Inc Canada! Love this bed rail, I wanted something super neutral.. and this works perfectly!
Mermaid BlanketsChristmas Present ( I think they were ordered on!)
Bedding for both beds, Pillows, Mirror, Sparkle Sign & DollhouseHomesense ( I know this isn’t very helpful, as I can’t link… but I’m slighty obsessed with homesense.. So I can’t ever stop shopping there!
Mermaid SignI made this! We found this piece of drift wood on the beach and I took it home and painted it for M’s 1st birthday, its been my fav ever since! I love it!
Have Courage and Be Kind – Pinterest!

Basically, I’m quite frugal, and love a sale so if I can make something or see something on sale… I have to have it! The bed side table was also purchased from a garage sale, I painted it white and made it pretty! The M sparkle letter, is also homemade.

So, this bedroom is tiny… and Before we started this whole process, I thought bedroom sharing would be impossible but it isn’t I promise! If we can do it in this room, you can also! We have their big dresser out, and a smaller dresser in the closet for additional things like socks, bathing suits ect! It is a little squishy… But they love it more then ever and could not be happier!

xoxo, b


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