England For Christmas!

Hi my lovelies!

I’m so excited, to share with you all… we are going to England for Christmas again this year! We went last year and it was the first time I had gone to the UK in 5 years! This year, My mom and her husband were supposed to come here for Christmas, but he recently broke his arm so my mom said why don’t you guys come here for Christmas?! Beyond Excited! The girls are super excited to be spending Christmas there and going on a airplane again! I can’t say the same, I will be about 30-32 weeks when I go and come back! So, it shall be interesting! I have never flown this pregnant expect on a one hour plane ride and it was terrible! Now, i’m going on a 10 hour plane ride? I think I am totally insane. I did get the OK from my midwife, and I’m safe to travel until 35 weeks!

Levi has come to the UK with me twice now, But he has never been to London!! Can you believe it?! We have always been busy with Christmas we never have time! So, Me and levi have a date day planned and we are hoping on the train and going to London for the day… kidless! He is so excited, and so am I. I vaguely remember London as I was only 9 the last time I went.

Things we plan on doing:

-Going on the London Eye!
– Going to see Buckingham Palace!
– Of course go see Big Ben!

We are going to try and go to Sky Garden London for lunch, Have you ever seen this place it looks amazing?! We will only have about 10-12 hours in London, but I want to try and squish it all in as much as possible! Levi and I never get to go on dates, and I mean how often do you get to go on a  date in LONDON! I told hubby we are buying a Selfie stick, so be prepared for picture overload! My question for you guys, if you did London… what was your favourite part and what do we have to fit in and go see?!

Let me know! & Make sure you are following me on instagram to follow us around the UK and London! @theblushmom

xoxo, b




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