5 tips to turn a bad day around

Hi my lovelies!

The past couple days have been kind of crappy, I have had a couple things happen that have just made me feel awful and like i can’t do this anymore.. Every time i feel this way, i say the quote in my head which is one of my favorites ” Life is tough my darling, but so are you ” Try and pick myself up and do something that makes me happy rather then spending un-needed energy on certain things or people that may be affecting you. I won’t go in to detail on my past few days because they are depressing and that’s not what my blog is about but i just wanted to be real with you guys and let you know we all have bad days.

No matter how great life looks on facebook, or instagram that is such a small snippet of someones life, and of course they are only going to share the good with you! Social media is great for many things, but making you feel great about your life on a shitty day is not one of them. I know myself having no family around on my bad days, i just go on social media and think ” Oh look, there is sally out for dinner with her whole family” And put myself down even more.

I thought i’d share some tips with you guys on what i do when i’m having a bad day, not just for you guys but also for myself to read on bad days… to bring myself back to reality and to stop feeling sorry for myself…

  • Its only a bad day, not a bad life // Often when i’m having a bad day, i’ll think to myself could things possible get any worse?! Or just down right feel sorry for myself, and while sometimes that is okay… We are pretty blessed. At the end of the day, there is someone out there going through a bigger struggle then we are… and we need to think about all of the positive things going on in our life right now and not just the negative.
  • Pinterest // Okay, this one might be a little silly, but when i’m having a bad day, i LOVE to go on pinterest, and search all the quotes that will lift me up and make me feel better… I usually search, motivational quotes, or inspirational or even just bad day quotes and it almost always makes me feel better and like i can wake up tomorrow and start fresh.
  • Go for a walk // Fresh air and sweat is always a good way to get rid of any unwanted energy, The world is beautiful… go and explore!
  • Do something you have had on your to do list // I feel like when i’m having a bad day, i just think i’m going to stay miserable forever and i do nothing productive… So I push myself to make something, or paint something, or do a DIY or something that has just been on my list forever, but i have been to busy to do it. I will thank myself later for it even if i don’t right now!
  • Lastly, write it all down // Not on your phone, not on the computer. Have a note book and write it all out. There is nothing more therapeutic then pen to paper. I learnt from a counselor once… is if you are severely hurt by someone, write them letters.. don’t actually send them.. But write a big long letter, starting by getting all of your anger out, and then burn it or rip it up and destroy it.. Then as your letters continue you will be getting rid of that pain and hurt on paper and destroying it.. and eventually by the time you are healing your letters will become calmer, and kinder, and more thought out. And by the end if you want to send that someone, your last letter… then do it! But make sure you get rid of all the anger and the pain and the hurt first!

I hope this post was somewhat helpful to you, It was therapeutic for me so i’m glad i could write it all out. Remember, life isn’t all it seems to be on social media, everyone is fighting a battle and you are truly and deeply loved

xoxo, b



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