Pregnancy Update

2 3 W E E K S 

Hi my lovelies!

So, we just hit 23 weeks! Yay! Over half way there! And…. I am feeling huge! But so great! I am way more emotional this pregnancy then i think i was with either of my girls.. but i think i’m in good spirits most of the time and my husband hasn’t complained about me being hormonal or crazy once… well expect for when i get ready in the mornings…. but he knows to stay clear 😉

We had our ultrasound down at BC womens, and all was great! Baby boy is looking healthy so far and that is great news! My ultrasound was 1.5 hours long, and she kept calling him “she”… so i had mini, panic attack while we were there as i have sold.. basically all of my girls clothes. We do have another ultrasound at 30 weeks due to maisie having Jejunal Atresia.. It is something that can tend to show up later in the pregnancy but.. We are hopeful and things are looking great and I am feeling even better! I knew something was up when i was pregnant with maisie, you know… that mom instinct? & i feel so positive this time around, i know everything will be just fine!

I have gained a total of 10 pounds now! I said this with shame at my midwife appointment and she said to me ” Are you kidding me man?! Your making a freaking baby!” okay… your right, I am… and 10 pounds isn’t that bad. By half way 10-15lbs is the total norm! So At least i’m at the lower end of the scale haha! I am loosing my toes, my belly feels absolutely massive when i look down but when i look in the mirror, i think, ah i’m not to large.. yet!

I got my paper work to go and get my glucose test done in the next two weeks… Yay! That lovely orange pop… Do people actually like this?! Barf! I am dreading it. But it makes me excited that we are already at that stage in my pregnancy! My next appointment isn’t until early December and at that point i will be 28 weeks, that feels crazy to say! I know with the holidays coming, things are going to fly by! I find i’m getting dizzy and short of breath lately, my midwife says i just need to get up and walk around and have some fresh air as its likely due to lack of blood flow since this baby is large and in charge.

I have been getting lots of boy clothes shopping done, i find it much harder then girls clothes… I want all the neutrals, and i’m not big into prints! I will do a big haul on here soon as i have found some super cute baby things!! I am obsessed with all the beanies!

xoxo, b


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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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