Trick or Treat’

Hi my lovelies!

Before having kids, Halloween wasn’t really my thing.. but the past four years have been to much fun dressing my munchkins up for Halloween. It is totally kyns holiday… she was spider girl for Halloween and it was like she was shooting a web from door to door, we could not keep up with how fast she was and she got a massive haul! The girls were so undecided on what they wanted to be, I swear it changed every single day, so i took the reins.. which i won’t be able to do forever & decided we would be super family! The girls were totally on board with this!


Kyn was Spider Girl, Maisie was Wonder Woman, I dressed levi up as super man! (Totally forced, but he was a good sport!) & I was Cat woman, with a little “super kitty” in the belly! Our costumes cost me under $40 total. I hate spending lots of money when it comes to halloween as they will only ever wear it once! ( Maybe again to play dress up!) But I love how it turned out! The girls got tons of compliments on their outfits and my husband looked like a HUNK! 😉

xoxo, b




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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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