It’s a… BOY!

Hi my lovelies!

On Tuesday, We went for my 2nd ultrasound and found out we are having a baby, BOY! I honestly did not think it was possible that we could even make boys! Two girls… We thought for sure we were going to be adding another! But, we definitely saw that it is a boy! I am still in total shock, and it doesn’t feel real. Going through the girls clothes upstairs, which i kept every single piece as i was sure we would have another girl! he he!

Regardless of being so shocked, we are beyond excited & a tad nervous! I don’t even know what its like to change a boys diaper?! Or any of the other things that comes along with having a boy! We already have two boys names picked out, but we are pretty set on one of them.. But with both of the girls we didn’t name them until they were born so that is our plan with baby boy and to keep his name a secret until then!

I did have a feeling it was going to be a boy, even though i thought it was impossible. Baby boys heart rate was lower then the girls heart rate has ever been, I have been craving fruit and veg… Everything else makes me feel so sick! I seem to only be gaining weight in my tummy so far.. so fingers crossed!


Shopping for baby boy clothes is definitely much harder then shopping for girls! I am excited to start shopping but i’ve only found 3 pieces so far! Apart from etsy stores, ahhh I could spend a small fortune there!

xoxo, b



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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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