3rd Baby Denial?!

Hi my lovelies!

Okay, So is it just me or is it super hard to get used to the fact your pregnant with your third?! I know it sounds crazy, But according to my midwife this is actually normal lol? I am 18 weeks, and I feel like time is flying… I am almost half way done then we will have another little babe in our life! Yay!

At the same time, I’m finding it so hard to be “Real” that we are actually having another little one! Every time we go to my midwife appointment and I hear the heartbeat.. I am in shock! We find out the sex of the baby on Tuesday, so maybe after this it will feel like the real deal? I am already feeling baby move.. So i don’t think that’s the reason i don’t realize I’m growing a human! I think its just the fact that we are already so busy with our two little girls, work, life… It just feels like we will blink and have another baby!

If you have any advice for 3rd time mamas, what would it be? My midwife has suggested me and my husband going out on at least 2 dates around 32-38 weeks to chat about how life will change will 3 babies and how this will affect our marriage, time ect! My husband and I have overcome alot together, and everything just seems to bring us closer together as husband and wife… So, I am excited to share this precious time with my husband and our 3 babies and watch our family grow. It is exciting to see what else life has in store for us!

xoxo, B



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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada theblushmom@gmail.com

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