Pregnancy Update #2

Hi my lovelies!

So, I thought i would do another update on my pregnancy as its been a while! I am now 16.5 weeks pregnant! Yay! Time is actually going pretty fast, for me at least, but I am busy busy, working 3 days a week, my oldest going to preschool 3 days a week, and my husband working… It feels like we never have any time to spare.

Here I am! 16.5 weeks pregnant! Majorly Poppin’ early this time around.


Things that have changed since i last updated!

My nausea/first trimester morning sickness is GONE! Seriously *Happy Dance!* This time around it has been worse then ever before! I would not have made it through if it was not for essential oils!

I’m finally feeling like a normal human being?! I am not a complete zombie.

I am showing Big time! I think i am still in the awkward stage when some people aren’t sure if i am pregnant or fat. But Yes, i’m pregnant!

I am already feeling a lot of movement. Which is totally crazy to think. I didn’t really feel the girls until 18-20 weeks. I felt this babe flutter at 14 weeks. (yes i’m sure it was baby movements and not just pregnancy bloat/gas) & Have been feeling it on a daily basis since.

I am all of a sudden allergic to Gluten. This sucks… I love muffins, cupcakes, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes.. you know all the things that aren’t good for you. It is like my body has completely flipped a switch and i cannot tolerate gluten at all. I get the worst headaches, I feel full up to my chest, I get awful stomach aches.. So, i’m trying my hardest to be gluten free. but its harddd!!! PLEASE! If you have any gluten free recipes you love, comment them below or link me to your blog with your recipes and i’ll love you forever!

I have had two midwife appointments so far, my next one is towards the end of the month! We have booked my ultrasound, for those of you have been following my blog for a while or my story, you would know that my daughter Maisie was born with something called Jejunal Atresia. It means she was born with her bowels twisted forming 6 complete blockages in her bowels not letting anything pass through. Her appendix grew up in her chest and she came 6 weeks early due to her complications. I ended up finding this out a few days before she was born at 34 weeks. When they should of been able to detect this in my 20 week routine ultrasound where i live.I live in a decent sized city, but i guess they don’t have as good of ultrasound techs, or as great as technology as our provinces Women’s Hospital where they have by far the best and most advanced technology to detect these things. This is where i found out everything that was going on with my miss M. So, My midwife has recommended me to go to the same Women’s Hospital for my 20 week routine ultrasound as i do have a higher chance of something re-occurring.

Before my husband and I started trying for our third child.. ( well we didn’t really try, we had plans for another baby within the next few months but this babe surprised us immediately.. as per usual it doesn’t take much for us to get pregnant *I will pray for any of you TTC, i know this can be difficult and i feel blessed we didn’t have this issue. Sending you love! ) We did get blood work screening done to test our chances of something like what happened to Maisie re-occurring. Thankfully, We only have a 2-5% chance of something like this re-occurring. There is no reason or rhyme as to why what happened with Maisie did. I had an extremely healthy pregnancy. They aren’t sure why it happened. It is definitely reassuring to know that we have such a low percentage of it happening again. To me, 2-5% chance, is anyone else chance of having the same thing happening. slim to none.

Anyways, We have decided to go with getting our ultrasound done at BC Women’s hospital this time around. It is a little bit more inconvenient as its 5 hours away from our house, and we will have to get a hotel and take time off work but I think it is worth every penny to know that this baby is healthy or prepare ourselves a little bit sooner as to what we have in store.

I am basically only wearing Maternity clothes now! Especially pants. I can still fit into my lulu’s and leggings but jeans are out! I found some great deals on maternity clothes.. This weekend i plan on doing a photoshoot showing you my maternity ootd’s. How to mix maternity clothing with things you have in your own closet and not break the bank with mat clothing.. cause it can be expensive!!!

Baby is the size of an Avocado!! I love Avocados! I have gained 3lbs total so far. So, I am pretty content with that. My first i was a *moose* and I gained about 40lbs. It was the largest i have ever been. My face was even huge! With my second, I only gained 23lbs total! I did deliver early, so that also could be why. But i did have polyhydramnois  (excessive amniotic fluid – they drained me at 33 weeks) so i was carrying almost 3 LITERS of extra fluid so, i think i did pretty good right?! I will post pictures below of comparing my pregnancies so far!

  1. 32 weeks pregnant with Kynleigh!
  2. 30 weeks pregnant with Maisie!

I was so young with Kyn, I don’t even look like the same person. 30lbs lighter with Maisie!

I think that is about all i have to update y’all on this pregnancy. I did just do a post on my baby must haves this time around. I have a seriously shopping problem when it comes to baby items.

Thank you lovelies for taking the time to read this, let me know if you have any questions at all! Come follow me on instagram @theblushmom for more updates on my pregnancy!

xoxo, B



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