My Top 10 Baby Must Haves!

Hi my lovelies!

I wanted to share with you my baby want list, some of these items i have already and can see the quality in these items and some of them i have yet to get so i will do a more detailed review on them once i receive these items! I would of loved to have all of these items with my first two. After having 2 littles, i know which items i will truly want and will splurge on and what we don’t need 🙂 

This was probably number 1 on my baby want list. I have co-slept with both my girls and plan to with this little one also. My husband is a very heavy sleeper so i always kept baby on my side rather then in the middle of the bed. I am so excited to use the DockATot for co-sleeping! It basically feels like being in the womb for baby, the close (yet breathable with airflow) bumpers surrounding baby.  It has a clip at the bottom of the DockATot, to un-clip as baby grows. The Deluxe DockATot which i chose is for 0-8 months. They also have a Grand DockATot, which i seriously will be investing in afterwards is for 9-36 months. The greatest part about the DockATot is, its not just for sleeping. You can take it with you anywhere, super lightweight with a handle on the side for transportation. Baby can lay in it to play with their play gyms or toys & Great for Tummy Time. ( Click the link above for 10% of your order!)


Lorena Canal Rug
Okay, So we all know with having kids… Rugs are not our friends. Expect this one, Machine Washable… Yes! I said you can pop it in your own washing machine at home!!! This is like a miracle for moms. We purchased a rug from Costco 4 years ago? It is the big shag rugs they have… Well, 4 years and 2 kids later… My husband just yesterday took it outside and said, we need to get rid of this thing. It was cream… It is now grey/dark brown with enough food to feed a family of spiders! We paid to get it steam cleaned so many times we could of bought a few new rugs with that money. So needless to say, I am SO beyond thrilled that this rug can be put in the washing machine and it wont cost me a penny! I went with the neutral lace beige rug as I wasn’t sure if im going to put it in the babies room, or the girls room we are just starting to decorate as they are going to share! Either way this rug, will work so great for a boy or girl and it is so beautiful! So soft. My kitty will only sleep on this rug.


Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock
You could say this idea is completely genius and why didn’t i have this with my other two! Car seats are not safe to put on a shopping cart unless you place the car seat directly into the cart and well, then there is no room for your groceries! So Binxy baby sells this amazing shopping cart hammock and they are so cute! They have two clips that clip on to each side of the shopping cart, safety clips to keep baby in safe. Takes up little space as you can still store items under baby also. (Click on the link above for 10% off your order!)


Finn & Emma
Okay, if you know me.. you know i can be a little bit of crunchy mama. I am slowly switching out all chemicals out of our home. This is why i love Finn & Emma Products. Their toys & teethers are made from wood, and are organic. They are beyond adorable and stylish. Their swaddles and clothing is organic and so so soft.

Ikea Play Gym
I decided to go with the ikea play gym for baby, I absolutely love that it is a wooden structure, which i think you guys can tell is important to me. It is classy and cute! Fun for babe and such a great price at  only $29.99 CAD.

City Select Stroller
I did do a big blog post on this stroller, which you can see here why i love this stroller so much! It is the best stroller that will accommodate your family to grow. Can be a single, double, or even triple (with the glider board) stroller, that isn’t completely huge.. with tons of storage and so many great attachments.


Clek Carseat
I have probably wrote about this carseat also, But this is the only carseat i will buy for my babes once they are out of the infant car seats. It is by far the safest car seat on the market and It is worth every penny. Here are just a few reasons why Clek is the best carseat on the line.

  • Extended Rear Facing – Can rear face up to their 4th birthday. This is huge! I don’t think enough people take how serious rear facing is. It can honestly save your littles life. My 2.5 yr old is still rear facing and still will be for quite a while!
  • Rigid Sub Structure – The Clek is reinforced with steel.
  • Advanced Side impact protection – Energy absorbing foam line headrest connected to the frame using steel rods ensure maximum head protection.
  • Anti Rebound Bar – It has a steel anti rebound bar that takes all of the impact from the crash.


Clean Baby Tub By Munchkin
This tub is genius! You can place in the bath tub or you can actually use on the counter, it has a spout at the bottom that drains the dirty water into the sink. It comes apart for easy cleaning, the thing i hated most about those cloth inserts for the tub is how gross they would get from sitting in the water.


Owlet Baby Monitor
I have yet to get one of these baby monitors but they are definitely on my wish list as it is just a great advanced technology idea. This soft little sock goes on babes foot and monitors heart rate and oxygen levels. If you are anything like me, you touch your hold your hand on babies back to make sure they are breathing every 10 minutes! I swear i did this until both my girls were two! Or while i’m driving make my husband reach over and touch them to make sure they move! This baby monitor syncs up with your phone and will send of alerts if you baby was to stop breathing or low oxygen levels. Once i get one, I will be sure to do a whole review on it and my thoughts!


I didn’t have the MamaRoo with Kynleigh or Maisie but a few friends of mine have had it and apparently its a life saver! I Will be purchasing one of these for sure, I will update you guys on a review once i have it or once babe is here!


STEP Diaper Pail
I have already done a big review on this diaper pail and its definitely a must have for baby. Diapers stink and this is where the stink ends! 😉 You can see my review and love for this diaper pail here!


This blog post was sponsered by DockATot, Lorena Canal Rugs, Binxy Baby, Finn & Emma and Munchkin. All reviews are honest and my own opinions. I would of purchased these items regardless.

xoxo, B


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