Gentle Baby

Hi my lovelies!

I have to share with you all about my love for gentle baby eo right now. I think I say this every essential rewards order… but, I have a new favourite. When I first took this oil out of the box, I was iffy… I didn’t love the smell but it has totally grown on  me and I am in love. This oil has so many benefits and I’m loving all of them! Some of the uses I have yet to try as I don’t have a newborn yet, but my expecting self and my two toddlers are already benefiting and loving this oil like crazy!


  • First of all, I have been applying gentle baby all over my stomach with coconut oil everyday, although I do already have stretch marks from my two girls, this feels absolutely amazing on my skin and reduces scar tissue. It does in fact reduce stretch marks, so I will be continuing to through-out this pregnancy.
  • Calming, this little oil is absolutely amazing for calming. I have been diffusing in the girls room every evening before bedtime. Apply on their skin with coconut oil.
  • Breastfeeding, Although I have not been able to use with a newborn yet, there is so many amazing benefits from this oil with a newborn… I plan to add a drop or two with coconut oil before breastfeeding in the evenings with this babe to ease, and relax and take away any discomfort.
  • Diaper Rash, This oil is supposed to be a saving grace for diaper rash. I actually have a rash on my hand at the moment from an old ring I didn’t clean before wearing and I have been combining this oil with lavender, and I can already notice huge improvement. Apply with coconut oil on babes bum.
  • Relieves Colic, Okay the dreaded Colic… Kynleigh had colic, and it was absolutely terrible. I was crying right along with her. It is so hard on parents and baby! I cannot wait to use this oil on babes tummy with coconut oil. I have been using it on my little, Miss M who has big tummy issues every time she says her tummy hurts and so far this has been a saving grace.

If you are a mama, or are expecting… you need this oil in your life! One week in, and I’m already obsessed and I don’t have my newborn yet! Get yourself this oil!

Please let me know what your favourite oils are during pregnancy or for your littles and why! & Come chat with me on insta ❤ @theblushmom

xoxo, B



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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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