Pregnany Update #1

Hi my lovelies!

I have seriously had no motivation what so ever since finding out I was pregnant. I am tired allllll… the time.. It’s beyond annoying as I have so many things I want to do with my house and life haha! I just cannot find the motivation at all. I’m praying soon this will pass. I have definitely had the worst nausea this pregnancy out of all 3 of my pregnancies. Kynleigh’s pregnancy was similar – I could not cook anything, I do not like meat or even the sight of it, I only want fruit and treats…. I lost 7 pounds when I first found out with both. So, now… I can finally somewhat I’m getting back up to my pre-prego weight.

I have a midwife this pregnancy, if you are pregnant or ttc… I highly recommend a midwife. It is the best experience you will ever have. 500 times better then having a doctor. I have the same midwife I had with Maisie. She is amazing! I love her to pieces. When maisie and I got flown down to our Women’s Hospital/ Children’s Hospital, she texted me almost every day.. checking in to see me. She even sent one of her close friends, who is a midwife to check in on me at the hospital and she offered me any support I needed. It’s basically like having a full time friend that will answer any question you have and spend hours with you going over how you want your birth/ pregnancy to pan out. It is truly an amazing experience!

As far as this pregnancy goes, We will be having a hospital birth… I have always wanted a home birth but with my record its just not safe and I want babe to be born into the safest environment possible where there is back up for everything. We will be finding out the sex of the baby! I personally don’t want to, this likely being our last… But hubby says we are! & Usually I win with everything.. So, I guess he can have this one! We won’t be sharing any names until baby arrives. I truly feel you cannot name a baby until you look into those beautiful eyes! I will be keeping you guys updated with everything that happens!

I did just have my first midwife apt about 2 weeks ago, We decided that we are going to have our ultrasound down in Vancouver as they have the best ultrasound techs and highest technology just to be safe this time as they should of been able to tell what was going on with miss M at my 20 week ultrasound here but they didn’t. We will be doing more tests this time around just to be safe too… I am a little bit more paranoid this time around, but I guess that is only normal after what I went through with Maisie.

Here is how I’m coping with nausea, sleep and some of my must haves so far!


I tried out the “Prego Pops” you can purchase at ToysRus and although they are super yummy, they did not work for me what so ever. IMO – They are overpriced sour candies! Maybe its just me, I know everyone is different. I also tried “Cocculine” From natures fare, Also did absolutely nothing for me! It is a homeopathic dissolving pill you can take multiple times a day. I have been using, Gentle Baby, Lemon & Peppermint EO like they are going out of style. They are helping me a bit, but still not cutting it completely… So I had to do it, I am on a 1 month supply of diclectin and it is honestly my saving grace. Hallelujah!


I’m sleeping basically what my kids sleep, 12 hours a night… I feel like the laziest human being ever because its still impossible to wake up in the morning! Please let this end soon.

I’m really wanting to invest in a pregnancy pillow. My best friend has the NEST BUMP pregnancy pillow, and I went to purchase and they are just like gone… Of the grid?! What happened? Please let me know where I can find a good pregnancy pillow and which ones to splurge on! I just thought the NEST ones were so cute!!!!

Must haves:

I’m totally loving the Milestone baby cards, I just got them about 2 weeks ago and they are a pregnancy must have! They are the cutest way to keep track of your milestones in your pregnancy and babies first few weeks! They have tons of different cards, I will definitely be getting more as babe arrives!

xoxo, B



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2 thoughts on “Pregnany Update #1

  1. I also did a hospital birth that I eventually did a cesarean. I was so determined to go natural, but it was best for baby and me not to due to distress. I hope on my next pregnancy I can deliver naturally. Being pregnant is wonderful. No on dares try to mess with you lol. Good luck mama!


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