The Stink Ends Here!

Hi my lovelies!

So I recently just got the Munchkin STEP diaper pail and I have to brag about it a little bit. I’m obsessed with this diaper pail! I have owned a few diaper pails in my motherhood and this by far takes the cake.

My all time favourite thing about this diaper pail is that for every diaper pail you purchase, they plant a tree! How awesome is that? If that isn’t a good enough reason to purchase this diaper pail over any other that costs the same, Keep reading and ill tell you why!


This diaper pail has some great odor control features which definitely keep the stink in! So, on the top of the diaper pail there is a spot for the lavender scent baking soda pucks. These soak up the odor…. Just like we have baking soda in our fridge to keep our food fresh why wouldn’t we have baking soda in this to keep our stinky diapers smelling fresh… Munchkin has thought of it all on this one!

The bags are also scented which I love, the lavender smell just screams baby nursery to me and I love it. The bag stays sealed when you open up the diaper pail so you aren’t knocked over with overpowering blast of stink.


Okay, so is it me or are some diaper pails just so expensive?! I remember with my first born and I had a diaper genie, I was spending $10 on refills a week I swear! It got so expensive, I was just over it. We definitely don’t use as many diapers as we don’t have a newborn in our home, but we have already been using this diaper pail for a week and we haven’t had to change it and its no where close to being full. The diaper pail is a lot bigger so it can accommodate a lot more stinky diapers! Well, the STEP diaper pail can be used with two different style of refill bags. So, you can either purchase the diaper pail refill rings which hold up to 272 newborn diapers per pail, So that is only changing your diaper pail on average about ONCE a month! & They only cost $14 for a pack of two!! OR, you can purchase the diaper pail refill bag refills which you get a 20 pack that can hold over 600 diapers for only $19. So that’s going to last you a 2-4 months depending how many diapers you use a day and that is crazy savings compared to what I was paying 4 years ago.


So not only does this diaper pail keep the stink in, keep my investment low…. It looks so great in my daughters nursery. It is modern & stylish for your little’s nursery! The STEP makes it hands free… when we have a newborn babe we need as many hands free options as possible! It has a button on top which pops the bottom and top open for super quick and easy stink free bag change!


This post was sponsored by Munchkin Inc. But all opinions are honest and my own!

xoxo, B



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