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Hi my lovelies!

I wanted to write a post about my city select baby jogger stroller, and why I chose this stroller! We have purchased 9 strollers in the time of me being a mama.. terrible I know! Nothing can even compare to this stroller! I absoloutely love it and here is why!


Ability to use stroller as Single, double or triple stroller!

This is the #1 reason I love this stroller, if you are a growing family.. this is the stroller for you. It is a big investment at first, but if you purchase it with your first born it will be totally worth every penny! You can use this stroller as a single stroller, and It is the same size as any other single stroller.. Not bulky or big what so ever! Then you can attach the second seat posts, and pop in your second seat.. voila! Double stroller. For your older ones, attach the glider board which then can hold up to three kidlets at once! We are planning on adding another to our family and I will definitely be purchasing the glider board! My girls are crazy, love to explore and don’t like to sit still for long so this will be a great addition to our stroller!


The best quality stroller ever, we have purchased countless strollers ( Maxi Cosi Foray, Quinny, Graco, Maclaren) The frame is made out of metal, the tires are rubber… ( I hate plastic crappy tires that get stuck in everything!) The handle bar adjusts to your height. The seat will adjust in multiple positions for a sleeping babe, the leg space also adjusts up or down to keep them in securely.


There is so many attachments and options for this stroller, with the second seat, the infant car seat attachments, rain covers, bassinet option, parent console, snack tray ect!


So much storage, underneath the stroller there is a very large basket to store lots of items. A big pocket in the back of the seats for extra storage. We also purchased the parent console for extra storage for keys and drinks!

I purchased this stroller when I was pregnant with my second, and we ended up selling it shortly after my daughters 1st birthday as we weren’t using it much but I missed it so much, I just purchased again. I had a baby jogger summit XC during that time, and again great quality from baby jogger.. I just didn’t love it as much as my city select. I’m so happy to have it back, I can’t wait to use it as we had more lil’ babes to our family!

It is a big investment, but you will not regret it for a minute!

xoxo, B



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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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