Toddler Wearing! M in the bloom!

Hi my lovelies!

Ever since I had kynleigh, I have been in love with baby wearing! It is such an amazing bond! Keep them close!  Our go-to  baby carriers have been ergo and sakura bloom. I purchased my ergo first of a mom swap page and that was the beginning for me! The moment I laid my eyes on a sakura bloom I have needed one! They are so beautiful! I am going to share why I chose these two carriers, and why you need to be careful of certain carriers for different reasons!


I got gifted a baby carrier when I was pregnant with kynleigh, I was pretty excited to use it… I think it was an evenflo or a babybjorn. I cant exactly remember but, I never got around to using it. After I had kynleigh I found out how bad those carriers are for babies hip development and it scared me away from them. That’s why I ended up purchasing my ergo. I had heard amazing things about ergo, The design and comfort just sealed the deal for me! I have a really bad shoulder and I could wear this carrier for hours without filling any pain unlike other carriers I had tried. It evenly proportions the weight across your hips instead of carrying baby and all the weight being pulled on your shoulders.

We own the ergo original baby carrier. It has got me through two littles, and will do great for our next too! I decided to go with the galaxy grey as it is gender neutral and great with every outfit…. I mean that’s a priority right? 😉 Weight limit is 45lbs which is awesome! My 4 yr old isn’t even 40lbs yet! My husband loves wearing our baby carrier, Here is a few pics of my loves and why you need to be super careful of what carrier you pick for hip development.! xo

Sakura Bloom;

I Fell in love with the look of sakura bloom before I even really looked into them. They are so stylish and I knew I had to have one for maisie. They are made from all natural fibers. They are amazing for breastfeeding! I swear no one ever knew I was breastfeeding in our sling and they are at the perfect height to breastfeed. I love how easy our sling is to take on and off. The ergo, is great but I usually need a little help and I love that the sakura bloom is so easy to pull babe in and out! It compacts small just to fit in my diaper bag and only gets more comfy over time! I love that the more I wash it, the softer it gets and the more we wear it, “we wear it in” and it becomes even cozier for my little!

a few tips to remember while baby/toddler wearing:

  • close enough to kiss!
  • make sure your carrier is tight enough
  • if using a sling, make sure there is a big pocket for their bum, up to their knees so no slipping out of the ring sling!
  • In view at all time!
  • I find it really helpful to re-do my ring sling everytime I use it, it makes sure I can get a tight hold everytime!


Hope you guys enjoyed this, I have tried lots of baby carriers, but these two have been with us since day one! Come chat with me on instagram and let me know what your favourite carriers are!

Xoxo, B




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