Easy Rustic DIY’s

Hey lovelies!

I have been slacking on my blog posts, I have just been so busy but this week I have had 5 days off and it feels so good!!! We are going on a mini family vacation next week for 4 days so make sure you are following my instagram @theblushmom – So we can chat & I can share with you guys all about our family mini vacation!

So, We have a ton of scrap wood from making tables and I have been doing a couple DIY’s to use up the extra wood and its too fun! I absolutely love shopping, but it feels so good making something for under $10 that would cost me $50+ at any store!!!

Mason Jar Wall Lanterns:

What you will need:
Wood Cut offs –  I used 2×6 wood
A dark stain – We use dark walnut by miniwax
Some hooks – $ Store
Chain – $ Store
Some little candles – $ Store

These were too easy! I bought the hooks from the dollar store ( 6 for $1 ) I also bought the chain from the dollar store ($1) I had some mason jars stocked upstairs! I found two pieces of wood cut offs the same, smashed them up with the hammer a little to make them look a tad more rustic and stained them! Hubby screwed a hole in the back for them to be hung, I added the hooks, Tied a bit of twine around them tight attached the chain and Voila! Easy DIY I made for only $2!!


What you will need:
1 x 4 – 2ft x 2ft cut on a 45 degree angle
Chicken Wire
MiniWax Stain
White Paint
Staple Gun
Gorilla Glue


First cut your wood, we used 1 x 4 – did each piece 2 ft and cut them on a 45 degree angle, if you have a brad nailer.. you can use this to secure your pieces together but if not gorilla glue works great! Apply your glue, and make sure you clamp your wood for atleast half an hour. next step, sand and stain! I added a tad of white paint to give it more of  rustic distressed wood look! Take your stable gun and stable down your chicken wire to the back of the frame and Voila! We made 3 for our hallway and I took little clothes pins to hang pictures of my girls to our hallway! This was leftover so I added this “Home Sweet Home” sign from michaels and I love it!

If you guys have any questions comment below, I’d love to chat! xo
xoxo, B


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