Being a bridal consultant and Event planner i absolutely love watching the style and fashion change for bridal over the years. We got married in 2012 – and it was all about damask and my dress was a drop waist satin ball gown… SO not my style anymore and i look back and kinda, laugh… it is so the opposite of what i would do if we got married now and its only been 4 years. I guess time does that! I’m going to share with you whats in for wedding dresses, and wedding decor this year! And i have to say… I’M LOVING IT!


Eeeek, you guys! We just got these at my work and i can’t even describe how on trend and stunning they are! They are so chic, so elegant and look incredible with floral & greenery which is also a HUGE trend for 2016! If you are getting married, these chairs are a must have! They do with ANY theme, any decor! Check them out at our website here!


Floral tall centrepieces are so in right now! They are so stunning. I absolutely love them with a gold tall vase. We did a few last year and i can’t wait to do more this year!


Blush & Sequins is 50%+ Of our weddings this year! Blush, floral, gold, sequins, gold chiavari chairs… i mean…. can you get any better?! Rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses were HUGE for us this year! So many brides are picking these styles for their bridesmaids. We carry Sorella Vita at First Comes Love – you can check those dresses out here!


Greenery is huge in style right now, for everything. Not just weddings. But how stunning is it with the gold chiavari chairs? I am absolutely loving the greenery this year! So chic!



We have been doing fully draped ceilings for a few years now, but it just completely changes a wedding venue, changes the whole feel! It is definitely a must have for your wedding!


long sleeved dresses are definitely making their way back in style! Funny how it works like that hey?! 50 years later and they are on trend again! Boho dresses are definitely becoming huge too! We just picked up a whole “boho” line because its in such demand right now!


These are just to name a few, i could go on for days and days about bridal!  Hope this helps you with planning your 2016 & 2017 weddings!

 Comment below with any questions! I’d love to answer! 

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xoxo, b



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