5 Things i do before bed for a good day!

5 things i always make sure i do to make sure i wake up happy! This is essential for a mama.

Take time for myself.

My girls are asleep by 7 for a reason, Every mama needs time to herself. When i was a new mama, i would go to sleep every night with kynleigh because i was crazy and didn’t ever want to leave her alone. I was getting drained and felt i had no “ME time” which is totally essential for a mom! Don’t you dare feel bad about this! I always take the time, to work on my blog with a cup of tea, blend up some oils, have a bath or just some lazy couch catching up on shows! This makes me feel like i just had a day at the spa the next day when i wake up.. ha ha, mom life right?!

Make sure our house is clean, at least the kitchen.

Okay, so i don’t think anything… can set my day off wrong like waking up to a messy kitchen when I’m trying to have COFFEE & make the girls breakfast. It just makes me so grouchy! like…. why didn’t i do this last night! Now I’m spending my morning cleaning the kitchen instead of relaxing drinking my coffee with the girls. I try to do a 30 minute power clean every single night before i go to bed, without my phone! Set a timer, and its go time! I am so distracted by my phone while cleaning so make sure you put it away!!

Wash my face.

I always do this when the girls are going to bed incase i fall asleep or before it gets to late and i don’t want to get out of bed. I absolutely hate waking up with gross skin in the morning.

Drink a full glass of water.

Im really bad at remembering to drink enough water during the day, and as much as i hate waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom… If i do this, i always remember to get enough water in my system and it helps my skin and overall health so much!

Write in My “Mom’s one line a day”.

I got this as a gift, its from Chapters – Im sure you can find something similar there, or just a journal! Every night before bed, i always try to remember to write in my journal or moms one line a day, just something inspirational, something good about the day, something to work towards, a goal, ect.. and it really helps! Writing is the best way to get out anything!!!

xoxo, b





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