Hi My loves!

I thought id share a little bit of my toddler’s bedroom > We are currently in the process of making the girls a shared bedroom! We have a 3 bedroom + 1 spare in our loft house, but the girls will not do anything without each other and eventually we would like to have a third child, so this works in our favor! Plus…. you guys have to see the bed my husband is making for the girls > Here is the link to make your own at The Rugged Rooster.  We are planning on painting the girls grey or pink, then adding some cute little curtains and some lights! I am so excited! Levi is going to make them some matching side tables for their items and them they will share this dresser below and a big closet! Our house is not huge by any means but I think this will be the best for them and I will feel a lot more comfortable with them sleeping together! My little’s are only 4 & 2 – so Kynleigh has already claimed the top so I’m going to be using this bed rail by Munchkin!

Here are some shots from Kynleigh’s room right now!

you can definitely create a cute bedroom/nursery for your kids on a budget! I purchase majority of the items in my girl’s rooms from Winners/Homesence!

I found kynleigh’s bedside table from a yard sale for $5 – It is super cute, It needs to be refinished which I haven’t got around to yet, but its on the big ol’ to do list.

I like to try and keep her room pretty, clean and light and not anything huge princesses, as much as she would love her whole room to be filled with princesses – So we added a big Elsa decal next to her name, ( Kynleigh thinks it looks like Elsas magic put her name there! Oh kids)

I also love to add special memories or items that keep her little still! The little dress in the corner of her dresser is from our wedding, This is the dress she wore! Oh to have her that little again…

We hang her Dance tutu that she will be wearing to dance that week on the hanger next to her TV – Otherwise, we basically wouldn’t find it… these kids are always dressing up in tutus!

Her bedding is all from Winners/Homesense! I purchase two seats, because I love them both and she uses them both, one under the other! (Shopping Problems)

The ONLY reason she has a TV in her bedroom at 4 is because…. well, my fault. I let the girls both Co-sleep because I was breastfeeding and long story short, they still most of the time sleep with us… or all of the time, whatever! So, my mum purchased this TV for her bedroom to help her sleep in here, we put it on timer for 20 minutes every night after book and snuggles… & Its actually been working pretty darn well!



I’ll be sharing pictures soon of the girls new combined bedroom!

xoxo, B




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