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Hi loves!


I’m going to share a few of our favourite books to read to the girls before bedtime! If you have any recommendations – Please comment below! I am obsessed with my girls having a big library and lots of books to choose from!

Ps, the girls have been so in love with this Owl Nightlight by Munchkin – They use it for reading, sleeping, going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, playing… and everything in between! & Plus, it looks SO cute in their room’s!

On the night you were born by Nancy Tillman ; (cad $9.99)

This is hands down my favourite book to read my children ever before bedtime, It makes me feel so grateful and blessed for this moment we are sharing together and just makes me want to squeeze them and hold them forever and never let them go….

Anything by Nancy Tillman is absolutely amazing – “Wherever you are, My love will find you” Is another one of my favourites, I purchased this for my beautiful friend who lost her beautiful baby girl.. So, It is a hard one for me to read now ; miss you beautiful, hallie grace.

On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, “Life will never be the same” / Because there had never been anyone like you.. ever in the world.


Press Here, by Herve Tullet ; (cad – $19.99)

Now… This book is my girls all- time favourite, we end up reading this book everynight! What I love about this book as it is great for motor skills, learning and getting them interacting with the book! It is so much fun! Your littles can “press the yellow dot”.. turn the page and see what happens through-out the book! So fun!


Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney ; (cad $9)

This was the first book I purchased for Maisie, and I think that’s why its so special to me… when she was in the NICU, Most of the time, I was unable to touch, kiss or snuggle her… So I would watch over her and read her this book… It was the first thing we did while bonding as I wasn’t able to feed her until she was 2 months old. It is a beautiful book about measuring your love for someone.


Any book by Eric Carle ; (Cad $9.99-19.99)

Eric Carle books are my favourite, I love that I used to read them when I was little, that’s how classic they are! Maisie especially loves these books, she will always say the caterpillar book and flip through the pages, I find these books to be very interactive too! Great for learning about life, and how things grow and change.


ABC, or any other book by Dr.Seuss ; (cad $7.99)

So fun, silly, crazy and so great for learning! These are some of the girls favourite books also! Big A, little A, what begins with A?


These are just a few of our favourite books, I Could go on and on forever about books! But I think these ones are books you will keep forever, use forever and they are all classics!

xoxo, B






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