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Hi My loves!

I started using Miiko Skin Care line about 6 months ago! I have always loved the idea of chemical free living, and being good to my skin and body and only using clean, chemical free, toxin free products.. But I often neglected myself and instead always make sure my kids are getting the chemical free products that I should be using to! Until I started using this skin care line! Let me tell you everything I love about these products any why!

  • I LOVE the idea of buying locally, and Kimiko delivers perfectly that in her products! Almost all of the ingredients in her Skin care line are local organic raw companies! If you head over to her website – you can click under Suppliers ; you will see a list and detail of all her suppliers and the ingredients she uses in her skin care products. This to me, is just amazing! “At Miiko Skin Co we hope to connect you to the faces and places of our ingredients. Redefining what it means to be a transparent business.”
  • You know everything that is in these products. One thing I have learnt recently, trying to become a chemical free home ourself, is that these big brand companies DO NOT have to tell you what is in the product you are buying! You will never know everything you are putting in your body! Skin is our biggest organ, So you may not be drinking these chemicals, but you are DEFINITELY ingesting these chemicals! Miiko Skin care is made with 70% organic food-grade products!
  • You are not alone! Don’t you hate buying a product and it isn’t working for you, you don’t know how to use it.. ect?! This is why buying local is so great! Once you purchase your skin care line, Kimiko will do a free consultation with you and go over your skin, and how to treat it properly!

I got the chance to ask kimiko a few questions about her skin care line and about her chemical free lifestyle; See below about our conversation!



What made you decide to start your own skin care line?

I have always been really passionate about my skin because I developed acne when I was 10 years old and dealt with it ongoing until I was about 21 years old. I saw a doctor and a dermatologist many times and was prescribed a number of steroid ointments and bleaching peroxide creams.

When I went to University and studied Environmental Studies I learned about the harmful effects of the ingredients in so many of our everyday cosmetic and skincare products and was devastated.

I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise and I couldn’t believe I was unknowingly ingesting hundreds of toxic ingredients through my skincare and household cleaners that could be affecting my hormones and long term health.

I began researching how to make my own products and felt empowered by the movement. It was exciting to custom design anything I wanted using ingredients from my kitchen.

I immediately wanted to share my experiences with others and started a business called Seeds of Change Workshops, where I hold workshops on how to make your own household products such as skincare, sunscreen, and deodorant. After 2 years of hosting workshops with great success (over 16 workshops with 80% participant return rate) I learned my friends and family wanted to buy products from me.

I originally thought I could teach everyone to make their own skincare but learned some people would rather buy products from a person they could trust. This is when I decided to start my own skincare line called Miiko Skin Co.

When did you become so passionate about chemical free living and why?

I call it my epiphany. There was an environmental studies class I took called “Globalization, Health, and the Environment” at the University of Victoria where we spent a day going through the ingredients commonly found in skincare and plastic and the harmful effects they can have on the human population and the environment.

I remember leaving the class and feeling like I would never be the same.

There is an indigenous group in Ontario called the Aamjiwnaang First Nation and they are seeing the effects of the chemical industry to the point where the birth ratio of boys is dropping to 1:3. The estrogen mimicking gases released into the air due to the chemical facilities near by are changing the shape of their entire community. These same estrogen-mimicking ingredients are in the commercial products we use almost everyday. I spent my university career researching toxins and their effects on humans.

It is my life’s purpose to educate and change the way we view our skin as an organ. It can ingest the ingredients we apply to it so I want to make and provide safer skincare products to everyone, and also teach you how to make your own if you so desire.

I like to think I am like the Lorax… but I speak for the skin!

What do you recommend to others to start the beginning of their chemical free lifestyle?

The way I like to think about it is like a diet or an allergy. If you know you are allergic to dairy then you look for it on the menu and the ingredients list and then make a choice not to ingest it. Similarly, if you want to eat less processed sugar then you choose to eat an apple instead of a donut. Now, every once and a while you go for the donut but at least you knew you were making that choice.

In my mind the first step is to start reading the ingredients on the products we are breathing and putting on our skin. Because we can ingest ingredients through our lungs and our skin. Once you start reading, your will start questioning everything. Once you start questioning you will start to look into the brands and companies who are making the products. Once you start looking into companies you will quickly feel whether you can trust them or not.

There are two great resources I can recommend to anyone getting started:

  1. Environmental Working Group
  2. David Suzuki Foundation

Between these two you will find everything you need to know about the harmful effects of various ingredients in commercial skincare products.

Some with acne prone skin, get scared to apply more oil to their face.. What would you tell them?

As for the oil-based products… yes it is a surprise at first and a long conversation I am happy to have with anyone. I offer free consultations for anyone who buys the complete Miiko Skin Co product line and how to use the products for your unique skin type.

In short. Your skin produces oil naturally. It is an important function for the skin in protecting you against UV radiation and bacterial infections. When we chronically wash our skin using soap and detergents, our skin will work harder to produce oil as part of its primary function. As a result, we have imbalanced oil production and/or oily skin.

Just think about washing your hair. When you were a kid you rarely washed it and rarely had greasy hair. But as you got older and washed it everyday it became oilier everyday to over compensate the stripping due to the shampoo. It is the same with our skin.

The products I make are based on treating the skin to maximize its function. To make it healthier from the outside in. Using oil (particularly Jojoba oil) actually tricks your skin to think it has already produced enough oil and will help balance and even oil production across the face.

Most of my customers are actually surprised at how quickly the oil absorbs into their skin. Check out the reviews on my website: www.miikoskinco.com



Step 1. Saving face wash –

Ingredients : Vegetable based castile soap, Honey, Olive Oil, DME Virgin coconut oil, Grapefuit Essential oil!

Shake well before use to infuse honey into castile soap! Rinse face lightly, Squirt 1-2 pumps of saving face wash into hand. massage and lather onto your face and neck. Rinse clean!

This to me smells like Oranges, it smells so fresh and feels absolutely amazing on your skin! I guess that’s the grapefruit coming out in the oil! It is so gentle on my skin and leaves me feeling so refreshed and renewed!



Step 2! Saving Face Toner –

Ingredients: Apple cider Vinegar, Dostilled water, Rose Geranium Water & Lavender Essential Oil!

After saving face wash, apply saving face toner with cotton pad or mist saving face toner onto your face, be careful of your eyes!

Saving face toner, gives my skin a little tingle! And I love that, it makes me feel like my skin is being cleansed and the products are doing what they should be! I smell lots in the toner, I definitely smell the apple cider vinegar.. but its not overpowering at all! I think mixed together with vanilla essential oil, it gives it an amazing scent and leaves your skin feeling so rejuvenated!



Step 3 – Glitter Girl Face Oil

Ingredients : jojoba Oil, Olive oil, DME Virgin coconut oil, Wild Rosehip seed oil, Rosemary extract, essential oils; Tumeric, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Geranium, Palmarosa & Lemongrass.

Squirt one-two pumps of glitter girl face oil onto hand, and massage into your face.

The Glitter Girl Face oil is designed for acne-prone, irritated, or inflamed skin. It strengthens and tightens the skin’s lipid matrix, making it less prone to future breakouts and infections over time.

You guys, I think this is my favourite step… It leaves my skin feeling like velvet! Like a baby’s bum, So clean, So refreshed, SO Soft! I absolutely love all of the ingredients in this glitter girl face oil… Me being a lover for essential oils, frankincense is an amazing oil for skin and one of my favourites, combined with all of these other oils…. This step is by far a must and this is a nessesicity for your skin! The longer I wear it, the more I smell! I can definitely smell Frankicense, maybe that’s because i’m obsessed with frankincense, I can definitely smell the cedarwood  and Lemongrass! I just can’t stop sniffing and wanting to touch my skin… I try to hold back!



I-COCO makeup remover!

I love this make-up remover, you need next to nothing… apply on your eyelid with cotton pad or ball, and sweep and without no scrubbing, no damaging.. your make up is off! This product goes such a long way! I have tried ALOT of make-up removers for mascara as I wear a fair amount of waterproof mascara, and nothing compares to this one! Love an oil based make-up remover!


I hope you found this blog post interesting and useful for purchasing your skin care line! You can shop all these products directly from Kimiko’s website


There is so much more i could say, and i could go on for days and days! But you guys will just have to go ahead and try this skin care line out for yourself! Thank you so much to Kimiko for sharing a little bit about herself, and for partnering with me to do this blog post! Stay tuned for a giveaway on my blog tomorrow morning!

xoxo, B



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