Potty Training with Munchkin


Hi lovelies!

Potty Training has not been easy with Maisie. Kyn was potty trained within a week and it was just so painless! Maisie has been quite difficult.. We put her on the potty, she holds it in.. she doesn’t want to go, the SECOND I take her off she is peeing on the floor everywhere! We have started using the trick of after every single meal, we sit her on the potty for 10 minutes… read her a book, sing songs and make potty time fun! Everyone has the urge to go to the bathroom after a big meal so this is the perfect time to get your little’s on the potty!

To start out potty training, I just let my little’s be naked all the time! We stay home for at least the first 3 days of potty training to make sure we have full attention on potty training! I ask maisie if she needs to go to the potty every 5-10 minutes! I swear this kid pees a lot, until you put her on a potty! I Don’t just keep the potty in the bathroom when we are first trying… I keep it in whatever room we are, so she can always see it! We even bring it outside… Because potty training is way more fun in the sun!

We reward maisie with a sticker chart! Every toddler loves stickers! So we made maisie a sticker chart and once she fills up all of the circles on her chart… She gets a present! She is so proud putting her sticker on her big girl sticker chart!

Our potty;

Okay, you guys… this potty is amazing!

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Multistage 3 in 1 potty!

I Absolutely love this design! It’s a 3 in 1 potty, potty chair, removable trainer seat & stepping stool! I just love this idea! It will last you ages! First, you can use it as a sit down potty, so great for the beginning and potty training! Bring everywhere you go.. into every room! Next step… moving to the big girl potty… aka. TOILET! This removable seat pops right on to your toilet and voila! Put the stool underneath so they have somewhere to put their legs so they have something to push down on! & lastly… move it over to the sink to wash those germs away! A potty that is actually going to last you!! The bowl is removable so great for cleaning! It includes an arm & hammer deodorizing disc… can you believe? a potty that… smells good?  And seriously… it smells good! even my husband commented on it.  Easy to grip side handles! This potty is definitely a must have when potty training! Between both my girls, I have tried a few potty’s and seriously… Nothing beats this one!

Here are some pictures of our potty in real life! So easy to take apart, and wash!


A few tips I have for potty training:

+ Make sure you don’t start to soon! I definitely recommend around the 2 year mark, but kids will give you lots of signs when they are ready!

+ Make sure you are rewarding… this is huge! Such a big moment for your growing little and a huge milestone, Reward! Stickers, a treat, smarties… Whatever works for your family!

+ Don’t forget to pick yourself up a Munchkin 3  in 1 potty before potty training! You will not regret it! munchkin.com

+ Don’t stress mama! When they are ready… it will happen! Some kids train later then others and that’s okay. Don’t put pressure on yourself!

+ Get some cute underwear for them that they are super excited for! We picked up some princess undies…. and they definitely make potty training way better! 😉

+ That’s all I got for potty training… If you have any questions or suggestions for us… Please comment below! Id love to hear what other mama’s are doing!

xoxo, b


Thank you Munchkin for making potty training way easier on mom & toddlers!



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