How to Sample Sale!

Why you should shop a sample sale to get the biggest bang for your buck!

Hi lovely ladies! For those of you who don’t know me, i am a bridal consultant. I have been doing event and wedding planning and decorating for over a year now and i became a bridal consultant last September. I recently took a big course at Mon Cheri Academy and know quite a lot about bridal, because its my passion! So, Here are a few things about sample sales and why you should shop them!


  1. What is a sample sale? A sample sale is when a bridal store is clearing out their inventory, including older popular styles, some dresses that didn’t move as well as others and sometimes even new dresses that have had little to no attention. Ways for you to save money HUGE! & Find the dress of your dreams for that under $500, under $1000 budget!
  2. Can i order in my size/color? No. this is one time you need to be very aware of the size and the exact detail to this dress in particular because this is the dress you will be wearing on your big day! When there is that bright red and yellow beautiful sale tag…. That is only on THIS exact dress!
  3. CHECK! Is there anything wrong with the dress? Maybe. i can’t answer for each dress, In my particular bridal store, we discount dresses because a) we have had them too long. b) They discontinued this certain dress. c) It is a new dress and hasn’t had any interest in that certain style and much more! But this means that you could definitely have something wrong with that certain dress. SO, find out why this dress is on sale! Who cares if no one else liked it, it looks AMAZING on you! Who cares if its been there a while or its been discontinued…. But you do care that it is fixable and alterable and if it isn’t that your okay with that!
  4. How much am i saving? UM HUGE most of the time! These dresses are usually costing the employer money because it cost more to order them, ship them, carry them etc for that amount of time! Most of the time for sample sales you are looking  up to 80% off your dress! We just sold a dress in our store that was regular $1700 for $99. No, this doesn’t happen often but…. It happens, make sure you are shopping those sample sales ladies!!
  5. What time should i come? EARLY! Dressses at these prices don’t last girls! They are discounted huge and everyone wants that. Be the first one there, usually for sample sales we don’t always book appointments as it is busy, Its kind of crazy! and we want to help as many people as possible so be the first one there to ensure you get the best deal and the best selection!!!
  6. Is this costing me less then ordering? Almost 99% of the time sample sales are going to save you huge money and way better deal but on the odd occasion if the dress is newer and isn’t on sale for a great deal less and this dress is big on you or you want some major changes? Is it going to be less in alterations then it would be to order in your size? Im going to go ahead and say almost all of the time its going to  be cheaper, usually you still need alterations on your dress even if you do order in the right size but make sure, check your numbers, check your dress and make sure!

I LOVE sample sales as a bridal consultant. It makes me so happy to see a bride who is a low budget bride find the dress of her dreams in her budget! YOU are going to love sample sales if you are a low budget bride or you are just like me and like any sale you can get to prove to your hubby… you were just saving money hehe! If you have any questions, this is my day job so shoot me an email or comment below!

xoxo, B




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