Our Farmhouse Table

Happy Sunday Lovely’s!

I have been so busy the past two weeks between building these tables, working & trying to keep my kidlets happy and my home clean!

For the past year  I have been begging my husband to build me a farmhouse table, and he kept putting it off… Well, two weeks ago I took him to home depot and he couldn’t put it off anymore 🙂 We purchased everything we needed and came home and he started to build me a table. He is very talented and kind of a perfectionist when it comes to work, He finished the table within that day and He was kind of amazed at his work! Within like 1 hour of us making it, we had soooo many people contacting us to make them a table! Here is a picture of our table on our deck (Hubby needed a very flat place to make sure table didn’t wobble) ISNT IT BEAUTIFUL?!


We had a bunch of leftover wood from the cuts so I made some arrows for my home, I did them super fast so they could really use another coat of stain! But, here is a pic of them

Easiest DIY ever! Hubby cut them out of 2×4 I would suggest using 1×4 though if your going to make them as it will look more rustic. Cut your wood, Glue together ( we used gorilla glue) And clamp for a good hour to make sure glue holds! Sanded them down, stained and drilled a hole in the back to hang and Voila! Cute little piece of home décor for under $5!


Our table took almost 2 weeks to finish, It is definitely a process and not an easy one! Building the table and bench took my husband about a day per each one, sanding is extra time, 2 days to paint the bottom, 2 days to stain the top, 2-3 days for the coats of lacquer on top and waiting for the gross smell to go away….. It was exhausting. My hubby is building one right now and he has taken over the whole job because….. I don’t like anything that takes a long time, I’m a very impatient person!


Now I need to pop into winners and find some cute décor for my dining room!!

If you have any questions about the table or process, please comment or shoot me an email!

xoxo, B




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