What I don’t leave the house without!

Vitamin C Pops – Sooo, i just had a friend tell me about these and i stocked up, I am obsessed for the girls! They are 100% vegan, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, free of ickyness! Just pure vitamin C for your kidlet’s! Such a fun way to add vitamin C  to your kids day!! I just pop a few in my purse every morning, then a) i have something to bribe them with and b) they are getting there daily serving of vitamin C! Keep away those bugs mamas!


Thieves Spray – This spray is a life saver mama’s!! Spray basically anywhere to kill those germs away without using chemicals! I spray this on the shopping cart before shopping, public seating, girls hands… I even spray it in my mouth (Don’t in your kids mouth lol) But it is a great germ killer/ breath refresher also!! This is a must for out shopping with your little’s!!


Stress Away Oil – hehe, sooooo if you are a mama, you need this in your purse! My little de-stresser! Shopping with kids, is far from relaxing but kids will be kids and i wouldn’t have it any other way! So stess away is my go-to while out shopping!


Rhodiola – My naturopath put this into my daily vitamin routine, and i honestly find a huge difference while using it! I usually forget to take it and mid day ill be exhausted so thats why it stays in my purse. But it is a natural supplement to increase your energy, stamina, strength & mental capacity! Talk to your naturopath but you can pick this up at your closest natural store for under $15

Benetint by Benefit – Always have this in my bag to add a little color to my face after a long day, its just a cheek stain so super natural for summer or all year round. It has a brush applicator already in it then just rub in with your fingers!=

Pur Gum – Aspartame free gum! Vegan! Sugar free! 6 grams of Xylitol per day reducing decay-causing bacteria and helps to reduce plaque build up!

Rimmel Lipstick by Kate – Loveee this nude lipstick! I feel like i can be wearing no make-up & I still look cute if i have this lipstick on!

Notepad – Winners/Homesence has the cutest most inspirational notebooks ever! I always keep one with me to write down ideas i come up with during the day, contacts or people i meet and just things i need to get done! Writing is the best therapy in the world, i swear!!!


Xoxo, B



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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada theblushmom@gmail.com

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