Home decor addict

Hi my loves!

So, i literally cannot drive past winners/Homesence without going in… It is terrible! I am seriously addicted to home decor, and i don’t nearly shop for my house as much as i want too! These are a few things i picked up this week!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.15.24 PM.png

The squeaky clean tote From Homesence, My mother in law just surprised me and treated us too a new white shelving cabinet for my bathroom as i was telling her i need some more storage and ways to make our bathroom look bigger. But, it needed some storage baskets, It only has 3 shelves and i love to decorate so i didn’t want baskets on every shelf, so i just decided to go with one big one.. this one! How perfect is “squeaky clean” for my bathroom!? I filled the other shelves with magazines, toilet paper, face clothes & some bath bombs! (I am going to try to make my own, and ill post the recipe and how it turned out) ($9.99 CAD) Speaking of totes and baskets, if you need some new face clothes to put in your baskets, i just got 24 white facecloths from costco for only $17 – they are sooo soft and thick! good quality, i couldn’t find any less then $4 a face cloth!

Mint Birdcage From Homesence, I have been eyeing that mint birdcage for like… ages. I kept asking my hubby to buy it for me for my birthday and valentines day, and then i went there yesterday and it was on clearance…. i mean… I can’t say no to clearance. It was like it was meant to be mine! I have it in the middle of my kitchen table for now with some big candles inside of it! (on clearance for $12 CAD)

Today’s Menu From Dollarama, mmmmk so i picked this baby up for only $3 at the dollar store, i love myself a good deal! I thought it was so cute, it looks awesome in my kitchen and i get so many compliments on it! Plus, Im super unorganized so i needed to start meal planning! 

Little owl candle From Dollarama, I also picked it up from the dollar store, its sooo cute!! I love owl candles. It was only $3 too! It’s made from cement? I think! ha ha, So its not going to break anytime soon… well, unless my kidlets get ahold of it.

Canvas sign From Homesence, I just got this canvas at winners to! I believe it was only $7.99 – I love inspirational quotes around my house! We all need them! They have tons too choose from, i think I’m going to pick up a few more!

xoxo, b



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