Everyday baby/toddler products

These are items i use religiously for my children, every day! Some are items, some are products but these item’s are one’s i could not live without! Like I’ve said before, i love to choose the natural root of parenting, i don’t want icky chemicals on my littles skin so these are items i use that are more natural then some!

  1. live clean baby soap > i live for this baby soap for my girls, it smells heavenly! It was 98% plant based ingredients, paraben free, free of icky chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your littles!
  2. Coconut Oil > we use coconut oil for a lot, but i use it on the girls skin everyday after bath to keep there skin soft and again away from the chemicals! We have a night time rub that has YL lavender essential oil in it to help relax the girls before bed also!
  3. Xyli White toothpaste > Dentists will tell you every time you go your children need a flouride toothpaste, and I am not a dentist but i definitely don’t agree with this. 95% of the time, your child under the age of 5 is going to try and swallow the toothpaste. Xylitol is the only active ingredient in this toothpaste. It’s fluoride free, SLS free & Gluten free!
  4. SafeSippy > we have a few of the safe zippy cups, they are made from food grade stainless steel. Dishwasher safe… ONE of the only sippy cups that don’t spill!!
  5. Mini Moc or Freshly Picked > kids, well my kids atleast never keep there shoes on.. Mini Mocs or freshly picked Mocs have changed that for us! My 2 year old can’t take the off and it’s ah-mazing!!!
  6. Probiotics HMF Natogen > Kids need probiotics! They need those good bacterias that help keep their gut healthy! Especially my little who has had tummy problems from day 1. They are so important, we have our naturopath who supplies our supplements but you can buy biogaia over the counter from shoppers which is great also!
  7. Fish oil supplement By Nordic Naturals > our kiddos take strawberry fish oil gels everyday, their little brains need that fish oil juice to help them grow and learn everyday plus they love them! We get ours from natures fare!
  8. Aden & Anais + Lulujo Swaddles > Even though my kids are already above the age of two, we still use muslim swaddles almost everyday, i always have one in my bag for breastfeeding, a blanket for the stroller, ect. We love these swaddles so much!
  9. SUMMER ONLY; Sunscreen > So, i make my own sunscreen, There is so many chemicals in sunscreen they actually tell you, not to put sunscreen on your child until they are 6 months old cause its so bad for them… Ok, so definitely not putting sun screen on my child at any point if its that bad! i purchased the Carrot seed oil from Young Living, mix about the whole 5ml bottle with coconut oil which is already spf, it makes a 60 spf sun screen that is completely toxic free! The only thing i didn’t like about using the coconut oil is, it hardens in the cool and melts in the heat, so make sure you have a good bottle for it ( GLASS ) that won’t melt all over your stuff!
  10. DIY Young living hair detangler Or Coconut oil hair detangler > I made my own hair detangler for my girls, combining (water, lavender oil, vitamin E oil, glycerin) or we use this coconut oil spray (But I’ve only been able to find it in the UK) My girls get major bed head, so this is a must have!





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