I am a mama of two little girls, and i have found some favorites over the past 4 years that i think are worth splurging on that will actually last. A lot of the time people will go for the least expensive but in some cases it ends up costing you more money because you are purchasing that item numerous times throughout your little’s first few years. So these are items i am SO glad i purchased and spent a little bit more money on! My youngest is 2 now and all of these items are still working for her!


We purchased the clek foonf for my oldest and the clek fllo for my youngest as the clek fllo came out a year later and there is about a hundred dollar ($CAD) price difference between the two. I honestly can’t really tell much difference between the two car seats, i got them both in shadow black. The only big difference is when rear facing the Clek Foonf is higher up as it sits on a big base and the Fllo does not. They both have anti-rebound bars, They both have the same fabric that i can see, The both are steel reinforced, They both can rear face up to 40lbs which I LOVE!  My littlest is about 22lbs and she is 2, She is tiny, has little bones and just is fragile.. she was a preemie! So, she is still rear facing at 2 and will be for a LONG time to come! My oldest is forward facing but she is 39lbs and 4 years old. This car seat… well basically, IMO you can’t get better. Everything you need in a carseat, plus they are A LOT smaller then a lot of car seats. They are no where near as wide as any other car seat i have ever put in my truck. I drive a dodge ram 1500 and i could put 3 cleks in my truck without a sweat. Here is a picture of the Clek Fllo in my car and you can see the Foonf in the background; (Don’t mind how messy my truck is or my girls carseats… I’m busy!)



There is some great quality diaper bags out there, I personally have a JuJuBe diaper bag > I did purchase it used of the jujube BST page on Facebook as they are pretty expensive diaper bags! My one in-particular retails for $300. They are worth the splurge though, I had multiple diaper bags with my oldest and they were breaking, didn’t hold enough, ripping, straps were coming off.. So for my youngest i did get a nice diaper bag! My diaper bag has so many compartments sometimes i forget where i put things! It’s like i am Mary Poppins! It is earth leather, I have had it for 2 years now so it is scuffed in a couple spots but the quality has held up extremely well!!



I use these swaddles for literally everything, cover for breastfeeding, shade over the stroller, Swaddling when babies, blankets… They are a must have when you have a baby. The one on top is by the brand lulujo, i have a few off each and the quality is great with both! They are so soft, only get softer the more you wash them, breathable, light weight and the cutest prints!!



I pumped for 2 months while maisie was in the hospital… It was tiring! But I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Medela breast pumps… I would probably not of been able to pump that much for so long! I was pumping about 10 oz every 2 hours, and i had a TON of milk stored for Maisie. I also had the Medela hand pump at my bag in all times, as i wasn’t at the hospital or my hotel all the time. I definitely suggest splurging on Medela, if you will be pumping often… It’s so worth the penny!!



I purchased my sakura bloom when maisie was about 9 months old, I so wish i bit the bullet and got it way sooner but i didn’t as it was $130 CAD. If you are into babywearing, you need a Sakura bloom. I love mine, perfect for nursing, perfect for the summer and the winter, Lots of positions that are comfy for mom and baby. I have a bad shoulder and needed surgery on it 5 years ago, and I have no problem wearing this sling. It evenly proportions the weight over your body and your hip. It is small enough to throw in your diaper bag and take everywhere you go!



Ergo, is definitely another baby wearing must have. I feel it is great to have a carrier and a ring sling as they are totally different. If we are going on long walks, i definitely would pick the ergo over the Sakura bloom. It also evenly proportions out the weight over your body and barely feels like you have a 10-40lb child attached to you. You can front carry close enough to kiss them, Back carry or Hip carry with the Ergo. They have the cutest prints and it will last you a lifetime. I have had mine for 4 years and it honestly looks brand new still. Unbelievable quality and design!



We purchased the arm’s reach co-sleeper from a friend. You can’t purchase them anywhere in canada. They are so awesome! Co-sleeping with babe takes up lots of room, you are scared to crush your newborn baby, you are breastfeeding and need them close… This is basically an extension for your bed for baby! I wouldn’t use anything else now that i have tried it. It does only last until 6-8 months but its about the same price as a regular bassinet and so much more beneficial!



double stroller? City select all the waaaaaay!! This stroller is a dream. I recently sold it and i miss this stroller every single day but my little’s just don’t stay in a stroller 😦 so we got the baby jogger summit instead for jogging! But if you need a double, i wouldn’t recommend anything else but. It can be used as a single, so many different ways i can’t even count! The only down side, is … its big! It takes up a fair amount of space in your vehicle!



These are just a few of the purchases i recommend, i will also post about baby items and products i use on a daily basis!

xoxo – B




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