Let’s be real, kids can be expensive! & Even worse because i love baby/kid cloth shopping. It’s way cuter being that small then adult clothing, less money so i convince myself its okay to buy triple and I have two girls… so PINK?! Gah i just go crazy and my husband ends up hating me! This has been a hard year for us financially, my husband has been either laid off or working just a couple days week due to the oil industry, If you live in Canada… you know what I’m talking about! It hasn’t been easy, so i have to be alot more careful then i have been in the past. So, I’m going to give you some tips on how i save money with clothing for my children. I do have it a little easier then some as i have two girls born within 1 month apart and we kept everything so, my little gets all the handy-me downs! But I do still buy her new clothes regularly because i get bored and I have to buy a whole new closet for my oldest every season! So , here are the stores i shop at and why!


Next is by far my favourite store to shop at for my girls, It is a little bit more pricey so i don’t buy their whole closet from there but the quality is unbeatable. I have some newborn pieces that BOTH my girls have worn for a couple months and i could easily put another 1-2 babies in it! It JUST lasts! Next just started shipping to Canada. My family lives in the UK – So I am lucky enough they always send me pieces when I want them!



I LOVE H&M! We don’t have one in our city that we live in but we do a few hours away where my daughter goes for her check ups regularly so everytime we go to her apt, we stop in at h&m to do a little shopping! H&M is a great price point for anyone, this butterfly dress below is only $5.99 – I MEAN! Where can you find cute little jersey dresses for only 5 bucks?! my girls live in these in the summer! They have tons of prints, super soft and great quality! There clothes are super responsible, everything below was under $15 per item expect for the overalls, those were a little more but I couldn’t resist!!!





So, Carters isn’t my first choice for clothes but it isn’t my last either, Its a great price point… they have sales almost every single week… you can get a coupon online almost every time you go for $10 off $50 purchase. We just went there a couple days ago as they had these tee’s like the one pictured above and below for only $6 – I picked up 8 of them, they are light weight, great for summer and cute designs (The shorts pictured below were also on sale for only $6 so we bought a bunch of those too, they are all in the wash as my kids change their outfits 500 times a day especially when we buy new clothes)! The only problem I have with carters is… a. Make sure you size up… these clothes shrink!!!! b. Hang try, they aren’t as good as quality as like a I brag about with next, they do get holes in them a little quicker and don’t last quite as long. I do love carters, its convenient and great prices… but Having two girls wearing and sharing clothes I would rather spend a few bucks more then be buying another outfit all over again because this one shrunk or got holes in it! I do have a love/hate relationship as sometimes I shop here all the time!



mmmmk. So old navy is the sh*t if you are on a budget like us! almost anyday of the week you can find a coupon online or get one mailed to you for 30-70% off. I do a big order online every 6 months and get a whole bunch of clothes. They have awesome sales!!! The only pet peeve I have with old navy is also, you HAVE to size up.. these babies shrink SO FAST!



Winners is always great, they have cute quality name brand clothes for half the price, we get calvin klein, juicy couture for 50% off retail price! We just got this cute converse sweater pictured below for only 14.99 – its great quality and super cute!!


Peekaboo beans, okay… So you probably thinking your on a budget and your buying your child peekaboo beans clothes?! Ya I know! But I recently joined a second hand group called well loved peekaboo beans, and I purchase a fair amount on there! I love peekaboo beans clothing… It is unreal quality… the best of the best.. doesn’t fade.. great pulls so kids get themselves dressed.. the return on selling it is sometimes better then when you purchase it.. It is locally made in Canada! and I just love everything about this company! This vest I bought recently for only $10 of the second hand page looks brand new… and its reversible! what’s better?! My daughters winter jacket is from peekaboo beans and you should see the embroidery and stitching and quality up close.. its unreal!

(If you need any peekaboo beans, go check out My little’s nurse who is one of the best people i know, She is a distributor

 12874378_1089571237731290_1938633557_o 12899593_1089571241064623_1220006310_o


okay, I don’t like the clothes from walmart IMO They aren’t very cute, they are shitty quality and id rather shop anywhere else… but every time I go to England they sell the George uk brand and it is like completely different… cutest clothes, great quality, inexpensive! and they just got some of the pieces to Canada! when shopping you will see a little British flag and they will be the cute ones 😉


Be sure to check out the website retail me not before you go shopping, they have great coupons and make sure you are signing up for emails with the clothing stores you shop with, you can save yourself a lot of money!!

This is just where I shop on a regular basis, I do shop at small stores and on etsy too! But these are just my favs for big retail stores!

Thanks for reading,

Xoxo -B



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