Getting ready must haves, I love to choose the natural root of beauty products as much as i can… because your skin is your biggest organ, but  i have to say.. i have a weak spot when it comes to soap & glory… the smell is just… to die and i feel so clean and refreshed after using these products! so here we go, some are natural, organic and some are not! I think its good to have a healthy balance with everything right?!

  • Miiko Skin Co.

I actually won these products in a giveaway, it is a family friend who makes this gorgeous skin care line. It is 100% natural, completely raw, non toxic products. They come in blue glass bottles to protect the ingredients from harmful light and UV radiation. They come with two charts on all the products used, an explanation where they are from (all in BC, CANADA) and a face map to explain why your are breaking out.. usually to do with internally what you are putting in your body! I got the glitter girl line, i wear a lot of makeup… And this was a good pick for me! I got the saving face wash, saving face toner, glitter girl face oil, and I-coco make-up remover, along with the all over body oil. These products feel so gentle on my skin and truly making my face feel refreshed! Feels good knowing I’m not applying chemicals directly onto my face.


  • Witch Hazel

My mom actually has always told me to use witch hazel, and i use it for everything now. Its a great toner for your skin. It is great for diminshing bruises and blemishes, my children are always getting hurt getting bruises and this is great for that! Apply with cotton ball. Its great for so many things but just to name a few, Sun burn, Diaper rash, bug bites, stopping bleeding.

  • Soap & Glory

Okay…. so basically my favourite products in the whole world! I use basically everything you can to get ready in the morning! I use the clean on me body wash with the soap and glory loofa in the shower first thing, Every 2-3 days i will also use the Scrub of your life to exfoliate my skin. As soon as i come out of the shower i use the righteous butter allover my body, heel genius on my feet and finish it off with the body spray… needless to say… i smell amazing when i use all of these products! You cannot go wrong with any of the soap and glory products, they are a little pricey compared to your normal body wash but so worth the extra few dollars! You will not be disappointed! Don’t forget to pop a Hand food into your purse either!


  • Clarisonic

I purchased my clarisonic about 2 years ago now, my daughter maisie was in the hospital and my skin was breaking out so bad, due to change of environment, sleepless nights, not showering at the hospital, stress!! So, my hubby treated me to this beauty.. It is a little bit more expensive then your normal face brush but it is worth every penny compared to the cheap ones and Ill tell you why!

First of all, It is WATERPROOF. None of the other knock off ones i have found are waterproof, you can fully submerge your clarisonic into the bath or shower with you!

Second, It is rechargeable, it comes with a magnetic charger, no need to change out batteries in this baby!

Thirdly, The head is replaceable, change it as many times as you please and you don’t have to purchase an entire new face brush, the outer part of the brush also pops off so you can fit the brush in smaller places. These brushes clean 6x better then washing with a facecloth or your hands can do!

And lastly, the timer is also great… it will vibrate when your are ready to move onto the next section of your face so you know you are getting a sufficient clean per area of your face!


  • Coconut oil

Basically, if you aren’t using coconut oil in your house, in your life or on your body… you are crazy! Coconut oil has soooo many, too many to list benefits. I use it basically anywhere i possibly can! I put coconut oil lathered in my hair atleast one night a week & sleep with it in, i use it as an eye makeup remover,  in lotion, i create my own lotions and sunscreen using coconut oil and YL essential oils, as chap stick, oil pulling and so much more! Use it on your kidlets bums when they have diaper rash, to help with strech marks and scars!

  • Purple Shampoo!

Recently, i have been going blonder and blonder in my hair and trying out this ombre look! There is nothing i hate more on myself then brassy orange yellow hair! I use purple shampoo everyday to ensure i don’t get those unwanted brassy tones. A trick i use often to ensure you hair is soaking up the purple to bring out those ashy tones, is to Hot keil your hair.. so jump in the shower, Run your hair under hot water, take half a fresh lemon and squeeze the lemon all over your hair… this will open up your hair and allow it to take in all of the purple ashy tones! Once your done applying your shampoo & conditioner… do a “cold shot” of cold water on your hair and it will seal it back up to keep that colour in! Do these a couple times a week and everyday be using  your purple shampoo!

  • Young Living Essential Oils

I purchased my YL starter kit about a year ago now, at first i was unsure of all the uses of oils and all the benefits they could have for my family… Since learning more and more.. There is an unlimited amount of things essential oils can do you for you, you health, wellness, beauty and your family! I will save all my tips for another blog post which will be coming soon! But, for now I will tell you i put lavender essential oil in my mascara and it makes my lashes look longer, feel healthier and makes my mascara go way longer!



Thank you for reading this blog post,  I love everything health & beauty… There is lots more i use.. but these are items i use religiously and preach to everyone!

Xoxo, B



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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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