First of all, if you are reading this post; Congratulations! This post is for brides who are about to start their journey on finding their dream dress! This is such an exciting time, a big moment & a big decision. I decided to write this blog to help you with that & to co-write this piece with my Co-worker as it is good to put two heads together to make sure we didn’t miss anything you would want to know. My co-worker Jenelle and I are very different personalities and each of us have our own tips and tricks in the bridal industry so we brain stormed together and have some great advice for you! So here it goes! We hope you enjoy reading this piece!

Let us help you!

  • To get the most out of your bridal shopping experience, Trust your bridal consultant! Feel comfortable, We do this every day! Yes, you may feel a little uncomfortable at first showing skin and letting us help you do up your zipper or corset but your bridal consultant will know how to make this dress fit you its best, look its best, and make you feel the most comfortable in the dress!
  • Being in the bridal industry everyday, we know what looks great on certain body styles, what is flattering for all shapes & sizes. Let your bridal consultant pick a few dresses for you, if it is coming down to your last few dresses and you have yet to find something you like, this is a great time for your bridal consultant to pick some different styles for you. Your bridal consultant will know their inventory, the weight of the materials, the ability to alter a dress to look  a certain way & much more!
  • Make sure before you start your bridal appointment you feel comfortable with your bridal consultant, ask as many questions as you please! That is what we are here for! We would love to help you find your dream dress!


  • We always suggest booking an appointment before going dress shopping! We hate to turn brides away at any time, but if we are super busy and all of our change rooms are full we have to. To ensure you get the best treatment, best experience and guaranteed a change room we suggest you do book a bridal appointment!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

  • One of our #1 tips for FIRST time wedding dress shopping is, Try on different styles. We have brides come in on a daily basis with a certain style in mind, or what they have pinned on Pinterest and while this is great… Not everything that looks amazing on a 5’8 120lb Model will look great on all different body shapes. We suggest for your first time picking a few different styles, A ball gown, Mermaid, Fitted, Fit & Flair, ect… By doing this it will give you  a great idea what looks good on you and what you feel most comfortable in! We have brides all the time fall in love with someone they definitely were not expecting!
  • All dresses come in white & Ivory, most of the dresses we carry in store are Ivory as white can wash some skin tones out. Then, lots of dresses come in other colours, such as; Blush, Moscato, Cafe & many more!  Almost all dresses can be ordered in a zip-up back or corset.
  • Have an open mind and be creative with your imagination while dress shopping.. Majority of dresses have the ability to be tweaked, alerted to what you are looking for. It is easy to add straps to a strapless dress, It is easy to put a corset in a dress, Its easy make a dress poofy or take that out and so much more! If you are in search of a certain style, talk to your bridal consultant about atlerations!



Be realistic about your budget!

  • Before every bridal appointment we have a questionnaire with ask our brides ( Have you tried on dresses? What styles are you looking for? What is your budget? ) I think it is very important that you share your budget with your bridal consultant. It will give them  a great idea of what dresses to pull, what to show you, to tell you about any sample sales or discounts they have going on at this time.
  • If you are on  a strict budget, Don’t try on that $3000 dress when you have to keep it under $1000.
  • In our store, we almost always have a sales rack and always do “Off the rack” dresses, this means dresses we have had in for a while or aren’t moving quite as well as others  we will mark down. If you are on a budget make sure you ask about buying a dress of the rack, this will usually save your quite a bit of money as you don’t have to order a dress in and we can give you a better discount. Sometimes, we also can’t give a great discount if taking of the rack, some of these dresses are brand new to us and can’t let them go below sticker price. Another great reason to let your bridal consultant help you if you are on a budget, she will know what dresses will work for you!



  • Wedding dresses or even special occasion dresses fit a lot smaller then street clothes. Keep in mind while going dress shopping not to get discouraged by the size on the tag, Wedding dresses all fit small. Be aware you will likely go two sizes up in all of the dresses.
  • Be somewhat aware of your size, This is your bridal consultants job not to bring all size 6 dresses into your room when you are a size 12 but we also want to be able to bring the dresses you have picked into your room so Make sure you pick a few different sizes so we can either clamp them or hold it up for you so you can get the best idea of the dress.

Keep your party intimate!

  • Bring only those closest to you, dress shopping can be very overwhelming. Bringing more then 4-5 people that we recommend can make things a lot harder. A lot of personalities into the mix, can take over your opinion which is truly the only thing that matters.
  • On the other note, Don’t go dress shopping alone if you don’t have to. You are always going to want at least someone else close to you, to tell you how beautiful you look in your dress. This is a very special moment and you shouldn’t have to spend that alone.


Saying “yes to the dress!”

  • When you feel you have found the dress, you do not need to try on other dresses to confirm this. A lot of brides think, “Its too soon to have found the one, i have to try on a bunch more” and usually, its a waste of your time! If you are in love with a dress and how you feel in it…  It’s the one!
  • You don’t need tears to confirm this is your dress.  Everyone expresses their emotions in different ways, Don’t feel because you didn’t cry like you expected means its not the one!

Ordering Your dress!

  • When should i start shopping? Is it too soon? Too late? We suggest you start wedding dress shopping around a year before your wedding, give or take a few months. Some designers can take up to 10 months to order in a dress, others are faster and are as short as 3-4 months but you don’t want to wait to long and feel under pressure to settle for a dress you aren’t in love with.
  • You also want to consider alterations, almost any dress you buy, if it be off the rack or ordering it in your size you will need a tiny tweak here and there. All dresses come long, so if you are under 5’8 you will need a hem, dresses also come with bigger chest then most of us have so keep time for alterations! Alterations can be done under a time crunch, but its best to give your seamstress at least a few weeks to get your dress perfect!


Payment Plan!

  • I can’t speak for every single bridal store, but most of them are willing to work on some sort of a payment plan with you. If you are ordering a dress in, thats a little harder, we usually require 50% deposit to order the dress in to cover some of the cost of bringing the dress in, and of course if you change your mind we need to cover our back too.
  • Buying off the rack is a little different, usually if you are purchasing a dress of the rack we can work with payments a little bit more with you. We sometimes allow only 25% off the dress total to be put down and we will put it in our storage for you until you are able to pay the rest of the dress. Although we most bridal stores will not hold onto your dress with an outstanding balance forever as this is costing us money.

Social Media!

  • Go follow, like, watch your local bridal stores Social media accounts! We are always posting our trunk shows, ( Which means brand new current dresses that aren’t in stores yet, in store for a certain amount of time and usually means 10% off all special orders!!) Sample Sales (Which means we are clearing out racks and blowing dresses out at amazing prices!), Contests & Freebies!


Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I hope this helps your bridal experience! I enjoyed writing this blog as much as i enjoy my job, i truly do have the best job in the world experiencing brides be happy and sharing such a special moment with them!

Xo, Bethany


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