My husband and I got together when i was 15 and he was 18, we were so young but so in love. We got pregnant when i was 17 and got married when i was 18. Me and my husband were definitely “soul mates” we rarely fight, we agree on almost everything, we had the same goals & we love eachother deeply. My husband is my best friend, the one who has understood everything. Lately, i have been working alot, he stays home alot with the girls and we have been both so exhausted and barely making any time for eachother, we had super short tempers with eachother. Marriage isnt easy but i have a few words of advice, I realize mine and my husbands relationship isnt its healthiest when we dont do these things;

● No matter how tired you are, make time for eachother.. if its watching a movie, laying in bed together, taking a bath and having your husband sit beside the bath so you can chat (haha i make levi do this all the time), playing a game or going out… even just 20 minutes a day of just talking.. without your phone.. make sure you make time for eachother.

● Don’t bottle things up, my husband is very bad for this. If i do something that annoys him or hurts his feelings he will hold it in inside until he is ready to explode. It doesn’t help, trust me. It makes our fights so much worse when we could just deal with it at the time so i know not to do it again, because most of the time i have no idea he had a problem with it at all!

● You may want to punch your husband in the face sometimes and there is some things you will just shake your head and wonder what the heck is he thinking? But always tell your loved one you love them every single day.

●Only 15 minutes a day of “work depressing talk” when you come home from work, tell your partner about your day. The good, the bad, get all of your frustration out and then let it go, if you keep talking about it you are taking away from time with your partner, and you will keep talking about it all night long.

● Be adventurous, dont stop exploring and challenging your partner to do more and do better.

● Make plans together! Me and my husband are always talking about our 2 year plans, 5 year plans… Making plans is a great way to make ourselves a great future.


These are just a few things but me and my husband has been together for almost 7 years and everyday we are growing together and are planning the rest of our life together. Marriage can be tough sometimes, but dont give up🌿


-B, Xoxo


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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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