The Travel Bug!

Since I’ve got back from England, All I want to do is Travel!!!

I’m a bridal consultant, I kinda have the best job in the world. Making brides happy everyday, and decorating their weddings in the summer! Part of the job as a bridal consultant I get to help my incredible inspiring boss pick dresses, so….. We are off to Chicago March 14th for the National Bridal Market!!!! If you know me, you know everything about traveling.. Even just in a car makes me anxious! And, I’ve never left the girls overnight before so this should be interesting! But, I’m SO excited! I never do anything for myself, and this is something I’m truly passionate about. I get to travel with two great friends, spend 5 days with them in such a cool city, meeting hundreds of famous designers & picking new dresses!!! We carry Essence of Australia, Stella York, Sophia Tolli, Eddy K, David Tuterra & Moonlight in store but we are on the hunt for something new.. Maybe something for our curvy ladies!

But, the point of this blog is to share my bucket list for Chicago! I’ve googled a few things, and we are going to be busy literally everyday we are there but I’m hoping we can sneak in going to the Navy Pier! It looks amazing!


And if you have watched the Vow, you know I just have to get. A picture under the cloud gate, I just call it the silver bean but it’s kinda a must for me!!


What else is a must see in Chicago?! Please let me know! I’m so grateful for this experience, I never in my life thought i would get to experience something like this… I mean, I’m a mama, I just stay home with my babes and love them! But I think this time to myself is going to be so good for me!

xoxo, B


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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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