Traveling with Littles

We recently went to England to visit my family, all of my family lives in the UK and this is the first time we have been to visit in 5 years,last time me and my husband went we were young, just in love and kid-less! This time was a whole other ball game, traveling 5 hours to the airport, 9.5 hours on a plane, and 2 hours back to my moms house with an 8 hour time change, we lost almost a full day! It was exhausting, tiring but the girls actually did amazing! I have always been so scared to travel with both of them, but there was only a few minutes of tears and the rest sleep. Thankfully, we took the red eye so it was perfect timing for them to be asleep the whole plane ride. If you are planning on doing a long haul trip like we did, I recommend a few things,

  • if your kids are little like mine and your planning on bringing their car seat on board (which you can if it has the plane safe symbol usually on the top or the back of your car seat, we use Clek car seats so ours is a Canadian maple leaf flag on top which indicates we can safely install on the airplane!) then i suggest the GoGoBabyz Travel mate or Britax travel cart. I was on the hunt for the GoGoBabyz travel mate as it looks amazing but unfortunately didn’t find it in my area, so we picked up the Britax travel cart which was an absolute life saver! No stroller, nothing you have to check, this thing compacts super small to fit in your overhead, and even better you can wheel the car seat down the aisle!
  • Next thing I would recommend you can see in the corner of my photo above is the Getaway by Stella&Dot, this bag is HUGE! It’s so big a child could fit in this bag! We only used one carry on because well, two of us, two children, two car seats, we don’t need any more luggage to haul around!!! So, we used my getaway bag and everything we needed fit in this baby, change of clothes, diapers, headphones, toys, colouring and so much more!


  • Water and lots of snacks! I filled my bag full of snacks, like nuts, granola bars, fruit leathers, animal shaped treats and if the kids started to get restless, these saved my life! And let’s be honest, airplane food isn’t very good!
  • Ergo! Or a baby carrier,  we own a Sakura bloom and an ergo, I love to baby wear, but since my littlest is almost two she is starting to tackle her way out of the Sakura bloom, so we decided to bring the ergo so my husband could wear her also if need be! Here is a picture of my little passed out before we boarded the plane!image
  • Make sure you bring lots of colouring, stickers, toys, new things to keep them entertained, and last but not least if you are breastfeeding like I am, “Boob” nursing top saved my life! I could breastfeed anywhere and no one would know!

Thank you for reading my blog post, I hope this helps you! There are a few other things we brought with us, but these are the main things that really saved us!

-B, xoxo



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