creating my picture wall

First of all, starting a picture wall can get pricey so i didnt do it all at once, i grabbed frames and shelves and canvases as i saw them not all in one go. I tried to look at places that maybe werent full price, ikea, winners, target when it shut down in canada and slowly put a little picture wall together. I still hate the “&” its not in the right place at all, but i will show you anyways. Pinterest has some beautiful ideas for a picture wall. First start off with your biggest open wall in your home, but somewhere everyone will see, this is definitely an attraction in my house, everyone comments on it. My shelves are from ikea and im obbessed with them, i could have them in every single room (they make a wonderful book shelf for littles room also!) My two canvases are from Winners/Homesense… my go to store for absoutely everything, i spend most of my days off strolling through winners with the girls picking up pieces here and there. I love to decorate, i would rather buy decor for my house then clothes for my self anyday of the week. The rest of my frames are from target. Before starting putting up your pictures make sure you lay them out on the ground and play around with them a little, once they are up… they are up. You dont want to be moving that many frames around. Try and stick to the same palette of colours, my living room is white warm rich colours thats why i chose these darker frames with a little cream to lighten it up! Dont just do pictures, add a canvas, some letters, maybe even some hooks for jackets if you get it by your entry way! A picture way is a great way to make a house a home, nothing tell your story quite like your photos do!

B, xoxo



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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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