confident in your decision

Breastfeeding is a very controversial topic for some people. Myself? I think its one of the most beautiful experiences you can share with your child. I had my first almost 4 years ago (wah!) I was very young, 18 years old, and i didnt know much about parenting or motherhood, who does really? Its hard to prepare yourself for something like that especially at 18. Although, i knew for certain i wanted to breastfeed, it was something i was very passionate about even before having our first born. I think maybe a part of me wanted to do it, to be a “good mom” there is alot of pressure put on young moms as we are all made out to look bad and for some stupid silly reason i thought breastfeeding would make me look like a “good mom”, another part of me really wanted to do it to save money, $30 a week on formula?! Seriously how do people afford that! Then another part of me really wanted to give my daughter all the nutrients and antibodies she could get. After my daughter was born, we struggled for the first few days, she didnt have a great latch but my husband was there by my side every step of the way and within 72 hours we had it down pack. Breastfeeding became so much more to me, then just wanting to “look good”, save money or the antibodies, it gave me a bond with my daughter that is undescribable, i got to stare down into her beautiful big blue eyes while she stared back at me, and it was like the whole world turned off and it was just the two of us. Yes breastfeeding is hard and exhausting and at times i would get mad, fustrated with my husband that he couldnt feed her and i would have to wake up in the middle of the night but especially now looking back on it 4 years later, i made the best decision for me and my daughter and those memories i will treasure forever. We made it two full years of breastfeeding when out popped her sister who i am still breastfeeding now. 4 straight years of breastfeeding and neither of my littles had a sip out of a bottle. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, formula feeding can all give you that intimate moment with your child, and some options work better for others. Never doubt what your doing, how your raising your child or what your feeding them. They are your child and you should be proud of whatever route you decide to take. Dont feel shame in your decision. You are a great mom no matter how you feed your child. Just be confident in your decision. Don’t put pressure on yourself, your just setting yourself up for failure that way.







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Bethany, Mama x3 - Wife YL oily life BC - Canada

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