Bath time // Bebe De Luxe


Hi my lovelies! Bath time is one of our favorite parts of the day and a important step in our bedtime routine… The girls unwind in the tub before bed… mama gets to eat up her yummy smelling babies post bath and then we read books in bed, sing lullabies and then off to bed […]

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Baby Bump Style Ootd!


Hi my lovelies! So, Now that i have a bump.. i’m going to start doing little #ootd posts with you guys! Combining clothes i already had in my closet with some maternity clothing! I have linked below where i purchased everything from! Hope you enjoy! Xo Top – Long Sleeve Top “Simone” By Boob DesignΒ ; […]

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Pregnancy Update #2


Hi my lovelies! So, I thought i would do another update on my pregnancy as its been a while! I am now 16.5 weeks pregnant! Yay! Time is actually going pretty fast, for me at least, but I am busy busy, working 3 days a week, my oldest going to preschool 3 days a week, […]

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My Top 10 Baby Must Haves!


Hi my lovelies! I wanted to share with you my baby want list, some of these items i have already and can see the quality in these items and some of them i have yet to get so i will do a more detailed review on them once i receive these items! I would of […]

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Blush, Gold & Sequins


Hi my lovelies! This past weekend has been much anticipated, My beautiful friend Julia’s wedding. I was lucky enough to be able to not only decorate this stunning wedding but attend also. It was absolutely breath-taking and by far my favorite wedding we have ever done before. Julia’s venue was the same venue i had […]

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Gentle Baby


Hi my lovelies! I have to share with you all about my love for gentle baby eo right now. I think I say this every essential rewards order… but, I have a new favourite. When I first took this oil out of the box, I was iffy… I didn’t love the smell but it has […]

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Pregnany Update #1


Hi my lovelies! I have seriously had no motivation what so ever since finding out I was pregnant. I am tired allllll… the time.. It’s beyond annoying as I have so many things I want to do with my house and life haha! I just cannot find the motivation at all. I’m praying soon this […]

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Hi my lovelies! So clearly by the title you can tell that we are expecting! We are so excited! I have wanted this for a long time but hubby was a tad scared after everything we went through with Maisie. Now this little is on the way my husband is so excited and has already […]

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The Stink Ends Here!


Hi my lovelies! So I recently just got the Munchkin STEP diaper pail and I have to brag about it a little bit. I’m obsessed with this diaper pail! I have owned a few diaper pails in my motherhood and this by far takes the cake. My all time favourite thing about this diaper pail […]

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City Select


Hi my lovelies! I wanted to write a post about my city select baby jogger stroller, and why I chose this stroller! We have purchased 9 strollers in the time of me being a mama.. terrible I know! Nothing can even compare to this stroller! I absoloutely love it and here is why! Ability to […]

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