So, definitely not the most glamorous thing to talk about… But it is life and important time for your body to heal. Post baby – The “high” you get after you deliver a baby, there is nothing quite like it… you are literally on cloud nine and life could not be any better at that […]

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It’s been snowing here for what feels like… a week straight. I am beyond over it, but M’s sass makes it a little bit more enjoyable! Having 2 girls, you know how much they love to get changed. Seriously… ALL the laundry! Most of the time it drives me completely insane, but seeing her dressed […]

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Hi my lovelies! So, i have my hospital packed and ready to go now just incase babe comes before 37 weeks or i decide to have a hospital birth! Packing a hospital bag is such an exciting time.. things are seriously right around the corner! Having M at 34 weeks – and having some signs […]

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36 weeks!


Hi my lovelies! Eeeek, We are 36 weeks already! That means one more week until we are in the “safe zone” and full term so they say! It is crazy to me, Maisie was already 2 weeks old by this point and I already had my baby in my arms! I have had no signs […]

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Munchkin Moments


Hi my lovelies! We just got a little care package in the mail from munchkin and I had to share these pictures of the girls with you, I was sneaking on them! I LOVE when my girls, just relax, talk, pretend, play…. no toys, no tv, just giggly sister time. Its my favorite. I love […]

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Hi my lovelies! Miss M just turned 3, I can’t believe how fast time flies and that she is already 3. The evening of her birthday after she went to bed, I laid in bed snuggling her… looking at photos from her in the hospital and cried. I’m hormonal and pregnant okay?! Plus its so […]

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33 weeks pregnant update!


Hi lovelies! Eeeek, I Cannot even believe we are already at 33 weeks pregnant and I am writing this post! It has gone by so fast… Looking back at my last pregnancy, I gave birth at 34 weeks.. That is a week away from where I am now! Seems unreal! We just got back from […]

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Traveling Alone with two kids!


Hi lovelies! We are finally home from our visit to the uk, visiting our family… I am so sad for it to be over, I feel so incomplete since being home but the jet lag is killing me so that likely isn’t helping! I flew back with the girls alone at 33 weeks pregnant, insane […]

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Hi my lovelies! We went to London this past week, just me and hubby for a date day, and it was magical! We happened to go when it was the change of the guards and a bank holiday and it was extremely busy! But such a sight to see! So pleased we got to  go and experience this! […]

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Maternity Jacket for £13


Hi my lovelies! Maternity clothes are so inexpensive here compared to Canada, it is totally insane! I have been trying to stock up on a few pieces to get me by… Although I only have 8 weeks to go (insane right?) so I don’t want to spend much as it feels pointless when ill only be able […]

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